Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Delta 2021 Council poll: Ceding of Warri North Chairmanship Position is Illegal and Unconstitutional------Ukubeyinje

Delta 2021 Council poll: Ceding of Warri North Chairmanship Position is Illegal and Unconstitutional-------Ukubeyinje
Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, Delta State Governor


The alleged ceding of the Chairmanship position of Warri North Council in the forthcoming 2021 council polls in Delta State is illegal, baseless and unconstitutional because the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has not conducted the party primaries from where the party flag bearer would emerge.


A former Member of the Delta State House of Assembly representing Warri North, Hon. Misan Ukubeyinje made this assertion, Wednesday in Warri in a chat with Warri Voice Newspaper saying that “only a few minute persons without the requisite mandate and authority in Itsekiri land took that decision without involving critical stakeholders in the Council area.


Hon. Ukubeyinje who was a two-time Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources and also Lands and Surveys noted that despite the call by Dr. Emmanuel Iwetan Uduaghan, former Governor and Co-ordinator of the Co-ordinating Committee for the convention of critical stakeholders meeting to fine-tune arrangement for a PDP in-house selection of a consensus candidate for the PDP in the forthcoming council, no meeting was called but a few minute persons of Itsekiri extraction  met and allegedly concede the Chairmanship seat to one Smart Asekutu of Ijaw extraction.


Barr. Ukubeyinje said that decision is illegal, baseless and unconstitutional as the only proper way to do is the conduct of the party primaries and called on the State party exco and the Governor of the State, Sen, (DR) Ifeayin Okowa to conduct same to avert crisis, saying that the authors of the chairmanship concession agenda are only bent on creating unwarranted crisis in the council and make it ungovernable for Governor Okowa.


According to him, conceding the Chairmanship to Ijaws is not a panacea for peace but a recipe for maximum chaos that the council is noted for during local government polls, adding that “decision of such magnitude can only be taken by His Majesty the Olu of Warri in –Council after a critical stakeholders meeting with the relevant authorities”.


“As a critical stakeholder and legal adviser to PDP in Warri North no such meeting of critical stakeholders was called. Therefore for anybody or group to say one Ijaw candidate has been picked and a PDP nomination form also issued to him is not only illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional but smacks of imposition with impunity and insult to our collective conscience as a people. This is a democracy. Everyone has a right to contest on a level playing ground. Our amiable Governor should conduct a primary for all interested aspirants and good luck to the winner of the primary”, he insisted.


Meanwhile the protest by hundreds of Itsekiri youths against the alleged trade off of the Chairman seat to the Ijaws enters its seventh day in Warri to the homes of prominent Itsekiri leaders and politicians who they claim are mortgaging their future for the selfish gains.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Lawal Africas Bags Warri Voice Award of Excellence

Lawal Africas Bags Warri Voice Award of Excellence

High Chief Lawal Africas displaying his award

By Tetsoma Neyin.

The Network Coordinator of the Partners for Peace in the Niger Delta,  High Chief Lawal Africas has been conferred with the prestigious Warri Voice Newspaper Award of Excellence as the "Best Peace Builder" in the Niger Delta.

The honorary award conferred on him due to his outstanding performance on peace building initiative in the Niger Delta, was made in specific reference to  his peace efforts, mediation and advocacy for peaceful coexistence,  especially in the three Warri Local Government Areas in Delta State.

High Chief Lawal Africas in a group photograph with some members of Warri MSP

The presentation ceremony of the prestigious award took place at G.T Guest House, Mabiaku Drive GRA, Warri, Saturday December 19, 2020.
The Publisher of Warri Voice Newspaper, Mr Femi  Odonmeta, while presenting the award to the recipient, called on him to see the award as a stepping stone for greater achievements as well as a challenge to do more by increasing the temple of his peace initiatives and general contributions to the human society, for which he is known.
Publisher of Warri Voice Newspaper, Mr. Femi Odonmeta presenting the award to High Chief Lawal Africas

Responding, High Chief Lawal Africas thanked the Warri Voice Newspaper crew for finding him worthy to such significant recognition and honour, even as he noted that the award would spur him to do more for the people of Niger Delta.

He further dedicated the award to members of Warri MSP and Partners for Peace in the Niger Delta.

Monday, December 14, 2020

INYC calls on Delta State Government to shun Ijaws demand for ward creation in Warri South LGA

INYC calls on Delta State Government to shun Ijaws demand for ward creation in Warri South LGA

By TeshWhyte

The Itsekiri National Youth Council (INYC), Warri South Chapter has called on the Delta State Government to shun the fraudulent protest of the Ijaw people residing in Warri South for the creation of more Wards in their favour.

The aggrieved Itsekiri youths who stated with references  from different court judgement barring the Ijaws from demanding for wards and inclusion in Warri South LGA due to the fact that the Ijaws have no land to their name in Warri South, saying that those areas been occupied by the Ijaws majorly belongs to the Itsekiri people and the Government which they occupied forcefully after the infamous Warri crisis.

They made this call to the Delta State Government in a press briefing held recently in Warri arising from an urgent meeting of the executives of INYC Warri South chapter and chairmen of all Itsekiri communities in Warri South LGA.

The grieves group stated categorically that despite the fact that Nigeria is operating a democratic government where peaceful protest from any group is allowed and that the reasons the Ijaws are holding unto for their protest is laughable and can be likened to the Urhobos going to Burutu LGA to demand for wards.

 "As at 1991 when Delta State was created and the defunct Warri LGA was divided into Warri North and Warri South LGA, everything about the Ijaws was found exclusively within the then ward 2 and ward 7 out of the 13 wards in the defunct Warri LGA"

"All Ijaws inclined Communities, polling units and ward where within the confines of the then ward 2 and ward 7 under Warri North LGA, but they were further distributed into Warri South-West LGA which was created in 1996. As at that time till date, the Ijaws do not have any stake in Warri South LGA ",  the group stated.

The Itsekiri group also called on the Delta State  Government  and Naval Authorities to honour court judgement and immediately evacuate all illegal occupants from their land, saying that the Ijaws are aware of these facts. 

The Itsekiri group went down memory lane to state categorically that the Ijaws are aware that the leases of 1906,1908 and 1911 which clearly define the ownership of all landed properties from the Nigeria Port-Authority (NPA), General Hospital area, A-division, Warri Main market, Ogbe-Ijoh market,  McIver market,  Catholic church, Alders town and other adjoining lands were all given to the colonial masters by Chief Dore Numa on behalf of the Itsekiri people.

 "In 2006, 2008 and 2011 when the life span these leases became legally terminated, the total dimension covered by these leases goes back to the Itsekiri people who are the rightful owners. It is worthy to note that all sub-leases acquired from these areas derived their strength from these principal leases" 

"The 1946 Supreme court judgement referenced: SC/450/65 and the most recent judgement delivered by Justice Marshall Mukoro completey barred the Ijaws from contesting any land in Warri South LGA ". The group avvered. 

They further stressed that the Ijaws based their protest on land and properties acquired by Nigerians who are not Ijaws, Naval Authorities and the government as sub leases from the aforementioned leases during the infamous Warri crises to demand for ward creation in their favour, saying that these properties illegally and forcefully occupied by the Ijaws during the Warri crises were captured by the Commissioner for Special Duties on Inter-ethnic crisis and conflict resolution, Hon. Ovuzuore Mcaulay and compensation adequately paid and received by the illegal occupants to ease their relocation. 

The renowned Itsekiri group who stated that the Itsekiri people are law abiding citizens who believed in the rule of law have vacated illegal properties occupied by them as directed by the government, but painfully no efforts have been made by the state government to evacuate the illegal occupants from their land. 

In a chat with Warri Voice shortly after the press conference, Chairman of INYC Warri South chapter, Comr. Ofoyeju Izuage stated authoritatively that both the state government and Naval Authorities should honour court judgement by evacuating all illegal occupants from their in order to avert another crisis that is now imminent.

Sunday, November 29, 2020



The leadership of Itsekiri National Youth Council (INYC), has expressed  its displeasure  over  the parochial attitude by the Ugborodo Interim Management Committee since the inspection of NFF/FIFA team to the site of the Goal Project in the community. 

The Itsekiri Apex Youth body in a Press Statement on Friday November 28,  through their Media Director, Comr. Lucky Futughe frowned even more at the recent ultimatum issued by the Ugborodo community leaders through their lawyer threatening the smooth commencement of the multi-billion Naira FIFA Goal Project. 

"The community leaders’ action is unacceptable  and fast unbecoming of leaders whose mandate should be about attracting development to their community",

"The emergence of a court suite against FIFA regarding land acquisition remind us of the sour taste the abandonment of the Export Processing Zone(EPZ) Project left in our mouths due to needless litigations from different interest groups in Ugborodo. While the Governor of Delta State is advocating for the reactivation of sea ports and relocation of multi national companies to the Niger Delta as part of the South-South demands on the Federal Government, the grandstanding by the Ugborodo leaders runs ultra vires to the aspirations of our Governors at the recently concluded Summit. In fact, they are giving the world the impression that the community is resistant to world class projects",

"The council wonders why influential sons and daughters of the federated Ugborodo Communities cannot speak with one voice without resulting to public display of hatred and self interest. There is no community in Nigeria that expends its wealth on frivolous litigations and media war like Ugborodo federated communities without corresponding negative consequences",

"The FIFA Goal Project are only two in Nigeria; one in Kebbi State and the other in Delta State. While the one in Kebbi is commencing smoothly, the one in Ugborodo, Delta State is facing threat of relocation because of the personal interests of influential figures in Ugborodo. They have allowed the perennial leadership tussle in the community to diffuse into all developmental initiatives. Action that may discourage investors",

"The enlightened leaders of the IMC should know that their personal interests are infinitesimal to the strategic benefits of the FIFA Goal project. Hence, all parties must allow the project continue uninterrupted or have the majority of Itsekiri youths to contend with on this matter. Needless to remind them that Ugborodo has become a community of insane court cases with its attendant strain on the finances of Warri Kingdom",

"It is also pertinent to remind the leaders that without the project, nobody will be talking about interests. The Itsekiris of Ugborodo should borrow a leaf from the Ikwere people on how to manage companies and community interests. The Ugborodo leadership must not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs",

"Finally, the Ugborodo people must not embarrass their son, Mr. Amaju Pinnick before the international football body FIFA or pretend that they do not know what it takes in a highly competitive society for such world class project to be influenced and attracted to Ugborodo . They should relax all forms of litigations while other non kinetic processes are introduced to resolve all grey areas. The actors of this induced but unwarranted quagmire must understand that in conflict resolution, winners never take it all, a little bit to the left and a little bit to the right",

"All principal actors should be mindful of the dire consequences of allowing their parochial interests truncate this massive FIFA Goal Project sited in Ugborodo. The leadership of the community should be strategic like the leaders of old who welcomed then Gulf (Chevron) that made most of the principal actors billionaires today. If the Ugborodo leaders of old had behaved like the ones of today, there would not have been Chevron and consequently the opportunities that made them rich. They must not truncate future opportunities for the Ugborodo people. A word they say is enough for the wise". Parts of the statement reads.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

EndSARS Protest: Itsekiri National Youth Council Calls for Referendum

EndSARS Protest: Itsekiri National Youth Council Calls for Referendum
Comr. Weyinmi Agbateyiniro, INYC President

The President of the Itsekiri National Youth Council (INYC), Comr. Weyinmi Agbateyiniro in this exclusive interview with the Editor of Warri Voice Newspaper, Miss Tetsoma Neyin, gave strong reasons why they are fully in support of the ongoing EndSARS protest and other issues affecting the Itsekiri ethnic Nationality. 

What is your take about the ENDSARS protest?

As you can see, the protest is not only phenomenal but also spontaneous, when an injustice is bottled up for a very long time without being properly addressed especially if there is the suspicion that it will not genuinely be attended to,the result is what we all have seen. There is hardly any segment of this country that has not collapsed woefully. Hence, we as a youth body see this ENDSARS protest as a metaphor for injustices meted on the Nigerian populace by her own government. Nigerian youths from generation to generation in the hope for a better tomorrow and our characteristic resilience were asked to be patient. from patience, we were told to endure,and; from endurance, we were further told to persevere even in the midst of all these injustices. Now that the centre can no longer hold because the purported hope for a better tomorrow has become a mirage, we have yielded to the protest.
What does ENDSARS protest mean to Itsekiri youths?

As you have seen, EndSARS protest means different things to different people. But in all, it is a reflection of the degree of pathological injustice, oppression, suppression, deprivation and suffocation that Nigerians baske in on daily basis.

John F. Kenedy was right when he said that a society that cannot guarantee the survival of the many that are poor, can also not guarantee the safety of the few that are rich.  

To, Isaac Newton in his third law of motion :, “to every action, there must be equal and opposite reaction”. You cannot continue to slap a child and expect as a father, that the child will not cry.

 It will interest you to know that when Nigeria was to be given birth to through the now infamous amalgamation of 1914, the Itsekiri ethnic nationality represented by Chief Dore-Numa of blessed memory was among the five ethnic nationalities that signed the instrument of the amalgamation into existence. 

Like every child will want to survive after delivery, the itsekiri ethnic nationality, again with very few other ethnic nationalities out of the over 250 ethnic nationalities in Nigeria have been the ones responsible for the economic survival of the Nigeria State till date. Yet, back home, we have nothing to show for this huge burden that we carry on behalf of the entire nation.

Statistics from the department of Petroleum Resources show that Itsekiri is the largest producer of crude oil and gas both in Delta State and Edo State and the second largest in the entire nation. Another way of restating this is that the payment of the salaries and wages of all categories of civil servants, public servants, elected or appointed political office holders -whether locally here in Nigeria or elsewhere are heavily dependent on revenue generated from the Itsekiri ethnic nationality.

Furthermore, the annual budgetary provisions of all tiers of government in Nigeria that have translated into roads, health facilities, higher institutions, skyscrapers and infrastructural beauties you see in all parts of this country are all products of the uninterrupted revenue generated from the Itsekiri homeland.

To put this axiom to text is to ask that oil and gas production from all Itsekiri oil and gas producing communities be stopped for just two months and the result will be there for everyone to see.
The economic disaster that will occasioned by this stoppage will dwarf the economic disaster that visited Nigeria recently during the corona virus pandemic economic lockdown.
It is therefore the lack of reciprocity from the Nigerian government to the Itsekiri people for this huge burden that we shoulder for the economic survival of the whole nation that essentially provoked the spontaneity with which  the Itsekiris youths mobilize themselves massively in our various urban centres of Warri, koko, Sapele, etc and in all our communities in the creeks of the riverine parts of this country to protest and register our displeasure on how we have been grossly marginalised in the Nigeria equation.

Interestingly, those in diaspora, US, UK, Canada, etc in solidarity with us here back home were not left out. 
Whereas Itsekiri Youths in the Ugborodo axis came out massively to demand for the speedy execution of the Ogidigben Gas Revolution Industrial Park that has the potential of engaging over 15000 youths in terms of both direct and indirect jobs, sand-filling and reclamation of their communities from ocean surge occasioned by the uninterrupted exploitation of crude oil and gas from their communities by the IOCs, proliferation of abandoned NDDC projects in their communities that are now death traps,the proposed redundancy policy of Chevron Nigeria Ltd to sack Itsekiri workers from their payroll and the daily exposure of our people to regular gas flaring.

The Itsekiri youths in the Koko, Olero, Bobi, Bateren and Ogheye axis protested against the abandoned Koko Ogheye Lagos road and the deliberate policy of the Federal Government to suffocate us economically by not dredging the relevant channels leading to the sea port in Koko to open economic activities for our teeming youths in Koko and its environs.

For those in Warri metropolis, their protest was against the unwillingness of the Federal Government to open Warri sea port by dredging the Warri Escravos Channel and ofcouse, police brutality. 

For the youths in Ubeji, Ifiekporo, Aja-Etan, and Ikeren who are host to the headquarters of Nigeria gas Company, WRPC, PPMC, NPDC and other Subsidiaries of NNPC on their land, their protest was essentially against the recent nationwide recruitment of NNPC into their subsidiaries without considering the interest of graduates from those host communities and the sacking of not less than 200 Itsekiri casual staff of WRPC with the sole aim of substituting them with the newly recruited NNPC staff, even against a subsisting National Assembly Resolution against such.

For the youths in the Omadino axis,theirs is about their federated Omadino communities and the non enforcement of Okerenghigho and Ubakokodia supreme court judgements delivered in their favour. It is also about them being host to the largest oil field in Africa yet have nothing on ground in terms of infrastructural development to show for it.

To us as a National Youth Council, the End Sars protest means opposing the arbitrariness, selective enforcement and application of justice and outright sale and purchase of justice in the Nigerian system. Why will the Federal Government of Nigeria not deploy the same speed and tenacity with which the Bayelsa, Imo, Zamfara and Bauchi Supreme Court Governorship elections in all our known judicial pronouncement?

Our EndSARS protest is also about devolution of power and true Federalism. The Federal Government gave exclusive rights to Zamfara State to mine their gold, why can’t we also take absolute control of our crude oil, gas and other natural resources in our homeland in line with the principle of true Federalism?
Over 70% of all the items listed in the exclusive list that has no business been there.They should be devolved to the residual LEGISLATIVE  list because the Federal Government of Nigeria has no business in determining the quantity and quality of health and educational centres as well as security requirement of our local environment.

For, if power is devolved and true Federalism is well enforced, our state governors can conveniently address all such issues. Our protest is also about the protection of minority right as it was clearly defined in the 1963 Constitution.
What is now the way forward for Nigeria?

The way forward is about devolution of power, practice of true and fiscal Federalism, protection of minority right, stoppage of gas flaring in all our oil and gas producing communities and payment of compensation of all affected communities, the immediate funding of all abandoned NDDC projects in our communities, the commencement of work at the GRIP site in Ogidigben, the dredging of all channels leading to Koko and Warri Sea Ports in order to unlock the enormous economic activities in those Ports for the benefits of the youths.
Also, Chevron Nigeria LTD should stop its proposed sacking of Itsekiri workers from their payroll and WRPC should honour the National Assembly’s resolution barring it from sacking casual staff.

The Federal Government should put machineries in place to stop the issue of selective application of justice and strengthen all principles of rule of law as obtainable in a constitutional democracy because what we have in Nigeria is constitutional democracy and in a constitutional democracy, what is held sacrosanct is the rule of law; not rule of might. 

The fraudulent 1999 Constitution should be jettisoned and in its place, a referendum should be conducted to give room for all citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and nationalities to determine how they want to be governed.
What is your final words?
This interview will be inconclusive if I fail to pay glowing tribute to all martyrs of the struggle.They have all written their names on gold and they will forever be remembered on the good side of history.  Payment of compensation to their respective families is not adequate.  All those responsible  for their untimely death must be Fitch out and dealt with in accordance with the law. and to all heroes and heroines of the struggle who defied the heavy intensity of the sun, rain, military intimidation both locally and in diaspora, it is commendation galore. With you there is hope for  greater Nigeria.

Friday, October 23, 2020

#EndSARS Protest: Delta Publishers Blame Government for Loss of Lives, Properties

#EndSARS Protest: Delta Publishers Blame Government for Loss of Lives, Properties

Delta State Publishers, under the aegis of Delta Guild of Indigenous Newspaper Publishers DGINP, has regretted the unfortunate incidences of loss of lives and destruction of both private and public properties in the ongoing End-SARS protests, blaming the government for insensitivity, which eventually led to the avoidable killings and destructions.

DGINP, in a statement, which was signed by the Guild's President, Mr. Femi Odonmeta and Secretary, Prince Daniel Ekiugbo, said the loss of lives and destructions of properties would have been avoided if the government had responded proactively and timely enough to the reasonable and congent demands of the protesters for the past two weeks.

The Guild which threw it's full weight behind the genuine requests being made by the protesters, since their demands were genuinely targeted at curbing the unabated abuse of Nigerians by some devilish security operatives for more than a decade as well as calling for a general change in leadership attitudes, however frowned at the hijack of the protests by some hoodlums who abandoned the genuine agenda of the protests to start attacking private businesses and state infrastructure.

The Delta Media Executives also condemn, in very strong terms, the reported attack on journalists, media houses and security personnel in the line of performing their legitimate duties.

"We wish to passionately call on Nigerians to see media houses, journalists and security personnel on essential duties as people carrying out their legitimate duties of either informing or providing security for lives and properties, and therefore need to be supported by all instead of being attacked", the statement noted.

They extended their condolences to the families of those who lost their lives as well as sympathised with those that lost valuable properties as a result of the hijack of the protests by hoodlums.

The Guild, however, urged Nigerians, especially the younger generation that is mainly involved in the genuine protests to remain focused on their determination to get the country on the path of greatness again, and never allow the death of some protesters quench the fire in them to restructure the system in Nigeria for the benefit of all.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Ologbo Indigenes protests against Enogie existence in their land

Ologbo Indigenes protests against Enogie existence in their land

 Indigenes of  Ologbo and other Itsekiri/Ijaws communities in Edo State have rejected the alleged imposition of a Benin ruler (Enogie) on them, saying that they are radically different in all ramifications from the Binins.

The people who protested the modern day colonialism in their age-long communities carried placards bearing such inscriptions as: “Enogie you are not an indigene of Kolokolo”, “Leave our community alone”, “Ajatiton is not under enogie”, “Nigeria Constitution does not recognize your position” and so on.

Addressing newsmen at the Ologbo Town Hall, Tuesday, October 13th, 2020 Mr. Greg Temisan Luma and Mr. Berlin Tiemo stated that they have their own traditional administrative structure in place since time immemorial even before the advent of colonial rule dating over 400 years in comparison with the 1988 “Enogie imposition” in Ologbo, saying that “we shall resist this aberration with the last pint of our blood”.

In a statement signed by representatives of all the Itsekiri/Ijaws communities in Ikpoba-Okha local Government Council Area of Edo State, they requested the immediate withdrawal of the letters from the enogie instructing the inauguration of new executives in the various Itsekiri communities of Ologbo, Ikara, Kolokolo, Ajoki, Ajamogha and Abiala1 and 2 respectively, insisting that the enogie has no such powers to so.

According to the statement, “the enogie should be cautioned to desist from inciting the people against one another for his own selfish interest and should also stop creating crisis in our once peaceful communities”, adding that “these communities predates the establishment of his purported dukedom that came into existence in 1988 as the Itsekiris have lived in these areas for over 400 years”.  

They warned the enogie to desist from playing the ignoble role of a meddlesome interloper and busy-body in the internal affairs of the various Itsekiri/Ijaw communities and has no right to appoint people to manage their affairs for them.

While stating that they would not be subsumed or assimilated into the Benin tradition/culture by any means to tactically obliterate their identities and deprive them of their inalienable right to self-determination in modern Nigeria, they cautioned the enogie and his sponsors to desist from using security agencies and the Judiciary in Edo state to harass and intimidate them any further to coerce them into submission.

“It becomes highly ludicrous for somebody from another ethnic nationality to claim native authority over communities he does not relate to by birth or adoption, and even communities he has never been to and speak the native languages”, the statement emphasized.

They therefore called on all the relevant Federal and State authorities to call the enogie to order to forestall a total breakdown of law and order.

Crises looms in Warri as INYC gives Chevron Nig. LTD 7 days Ultimatum to halt its proposed redundancy policy on over 600 Staff

Crises looms in Warri as INYC gives Chevron Nig. LTD 7 days Ultimatum to halt its proposed redundancy policy on over 600 Staff
Itsekiri National Youth Council President, Comr. Weyinmi Agbateyiniro

By Tetsoma Neyin

Itsekiri Apex Youth body under the auspices of Itsekiri National Youth Council (INYC), has issued a seven days ultimatum to Chevron Nig. LTD to halt with immediate effect its redundancy policy on over 600 CNL Staff.

A statement issued by the Apex Itsekiri Youth body  to Chevron Nig. LTD Friday October 16, 2020 stated that  Chevron is taking the Itsekiri ethnic Nationality for granted as they will not hesitate to shutdown Chevron for a noble cause such as this.

"This call, no doubt, becomes expedient in order to avert the concomitant reactions which could cause serious break down of law and order across the length and breadth of the entire Niger Delta region"

"Chevron has more Americans than Africans especially Nigerians in their workforce. Therefore, it will be most appropriate to reason that America is the best place to retrench workers because they have the biggest economy and lowest unemployment rate in the world. They can absorb their people into other sectors easily but Nigeria does not have the capacity to take care of anyone who is laid off"

"Since no labour or trade union  confer on the Itsekiri people and other ethnic nationalities in the Niger delta the status of an oil and gas producing communities, they must as a matter of urgency hands off any form of negotiations on all issues relating to this redundancy policy as the Itsekiri people will not allow the destiny of their bread winners to be trade off over a mess of pottage" 

"Let Chevron be unequivocally told that owing to the signicance attached to these employees that majority of our people heavily depend on for their survival and of course, our employment quota which has not been completely filled in line with our crude oil and gas production quantum and the Nigerian local content law, if others compromise and trade off the interests of their employees on your payroll, the Itsekiri National Youth Council (INYC) will not allow a single itsekiri staff in your workforce to be dropped. Accordingly, we shall mobilise everything at our disposal to ensure that this evil does not happen in our life time"

"Consequent upon all the aforementioned, we are therefore giving your management seven days (with effect from today) to revoke this redundancy policy and make such revocation public or be prepared to face the full wrath of the Itsekiri people." the statement said.

In a telephone chat with Warri Voice Newspaper shortly after the publication, President of the Apex Itsekiri Youth body, Comr. Weyinmi Agbateyiniro said that Chevron has no reason to lay off workers in an impromptu manner, saying that they are very ready to unleash their furry on Chevron if, its Management fails to yield to their demands.  

Thursday, October 15, 2020


His Majesty, Ogiame Ikenwoli, The Olu of Warri

By Tetsoma Neyin

The Warri Monarch, His Majesty, Ogiame Ikenwoli, the Olu of Warri, on Thursday October 8, 2020,  inaugurated in his palace a 9-member Itsekiri Budget Assessment and Project Monitoring Committee, 
The revered Monach members of the Committee to see their appointments which was carefully done personally by him as more service to the Itsekiri nation.

"I personally selected you all based on your individual pedigree, experience, professionalism, integrity and contributions to the Itsekiri over the years. See your new appointments as a further opportunity to serve the Itsekiri nation," the first class Warri monarch charged the appointees.

Members of the committee are: Chief Kofi Edonmi Kartey, Chief Solomon Arenyeka, Chief Emmanuel Uduaghan, Chief (Mrs) Patricia Otuedon-Arawore, Dr. Andrew D. Ayu, Mr. Amorighoye Sunny Mene, Mr. Griftson Timeyin Omatsuli, Prof. Jim Nesin Omatseye and Comrade Alex Eyengho.

The committee immediately swung into action by holding its inaugural meeting shortly after the inauguration by the Warri Monarch by setting up its executives members. They are;
 Chief Kofi E. Kartey (Chairman), Mr. Amorighoye S. Mene (Secretary) and Comrade Alex Eyengho (Public Relations Officer, P.R.O).

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Federal Government gets one week ultimatum from PTD to fix Sapele-Benin Roads

 Federal Government gets one week ultimatum from PTD to fix Sapele-Benin Roads

Petroleum Tanker Drivers, PTD, an arm of Nigeria  Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers of Nigeria, NUPENG,  has cried out on the appalling state of the Sapele-Benin, Eku-Agbor express roads, handing the Federal Government a one week ultimatum to commence work on the roads.

The first Deputy National Chairman of PTD, Mr. Lucky Osesua, who was accompanied by other national and zonal officers of PTD, while addressing newsmen in Warri on Sunday October 4, 2020 appealed to Nigerians to lend their voices by urging the Federal Government to repair bad Federal Government roads.

He said petroleum tankers were having very bitter experience at the Ologbo portion of the Sapele -Benin express road with many of them stranded at the spot for as much as five days due to the deplorable state of the road.

He said they would not hesitate to withdraw their tankers from the road if the government failed to move in to start repair work on the road  and other similar roads.

He expressed strong worry with the danger of petroleum tankers meandering through bad roads, saying it could cause loss of lives.

“We are here today to give the government one week ultimatum to begin work on the bad express roads here. Our tankers are trapped for days at the bad spots. It is very dangerous for trailers with petroleum products to be struggling through bad roads. We all know the implication of this for other motorists and road users.

“We have met with government on the need to fix the bad roads but nothing concrete came out. This is why we had to come out with this ultimatum. If by the end of the week we don’t see workers fixing the roads, we will ask our tankers to stop lifting of Petroleum product,” he said.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Edo Election: Avoid Partisanship - INEC Chairman

Edo Election: Avoid Partisanship - INEC Chairman 

The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, in his message issued in Abuja on Friday, urged the staff to be neutral at all times and stick strictly to INEC’s Code of Conduct and Oath of Neutrality to which they all subscribed.

“Let me appeal to all of you to remain steadfast and committed to the ideals of the Commission.

“Nigerians and the international community expect so much from us. They are watching.

“It is important that we all remain above board in the performance of our respective duties.

“We must ensure that no political party or candidate is accorded any advantage over the other,” Yakubu said.

He said that as INEC begins the final countdown to the Edo governorship election, it was clear that all eyes were on the INEC to deliver a free, fair and credible process.

Yakubu said he had no doubt that INEC staff members would rise to the occasion, saying, ‘we have done it several times before and we can do it again’.

“The Commission deeply appreciates the ever ending sacrifices made by our staff at all times, often beyond the call of duty, to ensure that we carry out our mandate.

“The management will continue to improve the welfare and conditions of service of staff within the available resources.

He said that as INEC begins the final countdown to the Edo governorship election, it was clear that all eyes were on the INEC to deliver a free, fair and credible process.

Yakubu said he had no doubt that INEC staff members would rise to the occasion, saying, ‘we have done it several times before and we can do it again’.

“The Commission deeply appreciates the ever ending sacrifices made by our staff at all times, often beyond the call of duty, to ensure that we carry out our mandate.

“The management will continue to improve the welfare and conditions of service of staff within the available resources.

“We must be neutral at all times and stick strictly to our code of conduct and oath of neutrality to which we have all subscribed.

“For at the end of the day, we would have all contributed to the sustenance of democracy and a strong electoral process that all Nigerians can trust,” he said. (NAN).

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Concerned Itsekiris U.S.A gives succour to Chief Ugbogbo-Ebebe

 Concerned Itsekiris U.S.A gives succour to Chief Ugbogbo-Ebebe 

Chief O. Enonuwaewu, alias Ugbogbo-Ebebe

By Tetsoma Neyin

 Itsekiris in the United State of America under the aegis of “Concerned Itsekiris U.S.A” has provided succour to an Itsekiri legend in the music industry, Chief  O. Enonuwaewu, alias  Ugbogbo-Ebebe. (The Olujimi  of  Warri  Kingdom).

The renowned Itsekiri artist who is now 90 years old alongside few of her relations, received the representative of Concerned Itsekiris USA in her residence in Okere, Warri on Sunday August 30, 2020.

Chief Eugene Ikomi who represented Concerned Itsekiris U.S.A, presented the sum of five hundred thousand naira to Chief O. Enonuwaewu  (Alias  Ugbogbo-Ebebe), which was received by Venerable Best Agbolayah on her behalf.

(L-R) Chief Eugene Ikomi, Ven. Best Agbolayah & Hon. Godwin Abigor in a group photograph with Chief Ugbogbo-Ebebe

Responding on behalf of the beneficiary, Hon. Godwin Abigor thanked members of Concerned Itsekris U.S.A for their kind gesture, even as he prayed that God would continue to bless the works of their hands.

In a telephone chat with Warri Voice, a member of Concerned Itsekiris U.S.A, Mr. Kingsley Onuwaje who is also the President of Ugbajo Itsekiri U.S.A, said that although they are not an Association, but they come together collectively to provide immediate assistance to their people back home.

“We collectively render support to our people back home and we are happy to render financial assistance to Chief Ugbogbo-Ebebe, a woman who has blessed so many lives through her rich Itsekiri songs. She is indeed a living legend in Iwere land”, he stated.

He further advised the Itsekiri people to always strive to make a difference in their various endeavours.

Other members of Concerned Itsekiris U.S.A are; Chief Emmanuel Ejutse (Disele), Mr. Skelly Joe, Mrs. Mama Animashaun, Mr. Christopher Ologban, Mr. Emmanuel Ejutse Jr., Mr. Abiodun Owumi, Dr. Helen Mozia, Mr. Kingsley Okorodudun Deacon Weyinmi Eyeguokan,  Mrs. Esimaje Joe and Mrs. Oghoritsewarami Ejutse. 

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Malcolm Oteri now Delta Broadcasting Service Warri General Manager


Malcolm Oteri now Delta Broadcasting Service Warri General Manager

Mr. Malcolm Nnamdi Oteri

The Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State has approved the appointment of Mr. Malcolm Nnamdi Oteri as the substantive General Manger of Delta Broadcasting Service, Warri.

Members of the board have been directed to issue a letter of confirmation of appointment to Mr Malcolm Nnamdi Oteri in deference to the governor’s approval.

Mr Malcolm Oteri will assume duty as substantive General Manager with effect from September 1, 2020.

Monday, August 3, 2020


Vice President of Ugbajo Itsekiri U.S A, Mrs.  Rebecca Anune Begho in a group photograph with representatives of Bateren Community 

By Tetsoma Neyin 

The Ugbajo Itsekiri USA INC. a formidable group in Itsekiri Nation known for its charitable works has doled out another round  of palliatives to Itsekiri  communities in the riverine area  to help cushion the hardship of the people occasioned by the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic.

The two days exercise which started from Tuesday July 28 to Wednesday July 29, 2020 took place at the Palace of the Olu of Warri.  

On the first day of the palliative distribution exercise, Bateren, Deghele and Kantu Communities each received five bags of rice, five bags of Beans and five bags of garri. 

The second day of the exercise, Itsekiri Communities in the Onshore axis, classified into three groups such as, Dibi Field Communities, Escravos Communities and Olero Field Communities each received five bags of rice, five bags of beans and five bags of garri, while the Offshore Communities which includes Utonlila, Oboghoro, Ogheye-Dimigun, Ogheye-Eghoroke, Ugbege, Eke-Kporo, Olobe, Bobi, Orubu, Atsuran and Orere Communities, together, received five bags of rice, five bags of beans and five bags of garri.
Hon. Nunu Enoghanran Emmanuel, representing Ugbajo Itsekiri U.S A, in a group photograph with representatives of Escravos Field & Dibi Field 

Vice President of Ugbajo Itsekiri U.S.A, Mrs. Rebecca Anune Begho in her brief address to the representatives of the beneficiary  Communities, charged them to ensure a fair distribution of the palliatives to the people  with special attention to  the aged ones in their midst.

She encouraged them to always adhere to all NCDC guidelines, as the dreaded Coronavirus is increasing daily in Nigeria. 

Mrs. Begho thanked the Olu of Warri  and members of the Palace Palliatives Committee for their  relentless support  in ensuring that the two days Palliatives distribution exercise was successful.

Responding on behalf of the beneficiary 
communities, Mr. Victor Fregene, Trust Chairman of Bateren Community, thanked Ugbajo Itsekiri U.S.A for their kind gesture in alleviating the sufferings of the people. 
Some members of the Palace Palliatives Committee, (L-R) Chief Clement Akpeto Maleghemi, Chief Francis Omatseye (Chairman), Chief Chief Gabriel Awala & Chief (Mrs.) Winifred Agbejule 
Chief Clement Akpeto Maleghemi who spoke on behalf of the members of the Palace Palliatives Committee, also  thanked the President of Ugbajo Itsekiri U.S. A, Mr. Kingsley Onuwaje and other members of the notable group for remembering their people back home and prayed for God's favour in all their endeavours. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020


Julie Coker 

President Muhammadu Buhari warmly felicitates with multi-talented Itsekiri born artiste and veteran broadcaster, Chief Julie Coker, on her 80th birthday, joining the creative industry to celebrate the iconic culture ambassador, musician and author.

President Buhari congratulates the Yeye Eto of Lagos for a sterling career in journalism and performing arts, coming into limelight as a female broadcaster in Africas first television station, Western Nigerian Television (WNTV, Ibadan), which started transmission on October 31, 1959, and sustaining the grace in Nigerian Television Service, (NTV, Lagos), now Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

As a former beauty queen, Miss Western Nigeria Competition, 1958, and runner-up at a Miss Nigeria contest, the President believes Chief Cokers talent brought her into the spotlight at an early age, and has consistently sustained her growing influence over the years, both within and outside the country.

President Buhari rejoices with family members, friends and professional associates of the exceptional broadcaster, who continues to project the country to the world by accepting leadership roles in culture and tourism in the United Kingdom and United States.

The President prays that the Almighty God will grant Chief Coker longer life, good heath and more grace to pursue and actualize her dreams of making life better for others.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Hope George Bags Honorary Doctorate Degree

Hope George Bags Honorary Doctorate Degree
Hon. (Dr.) Hope George 

A vibrant leader of Bowen ward 6 in Warri South Local Government Area, Hon. Hope George has been awarded with a Doctorate Degree by Global Christian University, Nigeria, an Affiliate to (People International University, Germany).

The event which was held in MSI Hall, Warri was presided over by Professor Philip Ibiyeye and was attended by the Political Adviser to the Governor of Delta State, Hon. Omimi Esquire, Member Representing Warri South Constituency 2 in the Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Matthew Poko Opuoru, PDP Chairman, Warri South Local Government Area, Mr. Johnson Agbeyegbe, Chairman PDP Bowen Ward 6, Hon. Jones Agintokun, Chairman Alder’s Town Community, Jumi Odaji, President of Itsekiri Women in Politics, Mrs. Rita Esquire, PDP Women Leader Ward 6, Gbubemi Ojo amongst others.

Parts of the congratulatory message signed by the Executive and entire members of PDP Bowen Ward 6 including, Miracle Chairman of the Ward, Ambassador Blankson Kweku Harold, his Deputy, Comrade Desmond Onoriode Onogun and a trusted leader of the great Bowen Ward from Agbassa Otovwodo Axis, Comrade Jones Agintukun, reads “At last we are very joyous to know that our leader has finally joined the class of Honourary Doctorate Degree holders. You truly deserve this honour and many more. The sky is your stepping stone. Ride on buddie, the best is yet to come’’.


Friday, July 24, 2020


Dr. Jackson Ireyefoju

Dr. Jackson Ireyefoju an Itsekiri Encyclopedia with reservour of knowledge in Itseiri Culture and Religion passed on to glory in Warri on Thursday July 16, 2020 will be committed to mother earth at his Warri residence in Okere on Saturday July 25, 2020. 

He was aged 81.

Service of songs will be held in his honour at his residence on Thursday July 23, 2020.
Late Dr. Jackson Ireyefoju is survived by Wife, Children, Grand Children and numerous relatives

UGBORODO LEADERSHIP: Austin Oboroegbeyi out, Perry Atete in

UGBORODO LEADERSHIP: Austin Oboroegbeyi out, 
Perry Atete in 

Chairman of the newly set up Ugborodo Community Interim Caretaker Committee (UCICC), Prince Perry Atete has said that the focus of his led UCICC would be to unite Ugborodo indigenes home and abroad who have been divided as a result of the lingering crises in the now suspended Ugborodo Community Trust (UCT) under the Chairmanship of Mr. Austin Oboroegbeyi. 

Prince Atete who is also the Igbajor of Ugborodo and executive member of the Ugborodo Community Council of Elders, made the statement at the inaugural general meeting of the UCICC held at Ode-Ugborodo on Saturday July 11, 2020. 

According to him, the little time available to the UCICC under his watch shall be particularly used to unite the parties involved in the lingering UCT crisis who have since resorted to encumber the UCT and Ugborodo Community generally with court cases, police and EFCC investigations and social media war.

"These unfortunate developments in Ugborodo Community must stop, to enable us move forward as a people because no development can ever come in these sorts of tensed atmosphere and mutual suspicions. We have to build peace and unite the community as soon as possible. This is the onerous task before us,” he stated. 

Prince Atete thanked the UCICC executives, members and the entire Ugborodo Community for fully receiving the committee as demonstrated in the drumming, singing and dancing with which the special cultural troupe of the community welcomed the Chairman, executives and members of the UCICC into Ode-Ugborodo for their inaugural meeting as UCICC.

It would be recalled that the Ugborodo Community at a general meeting of the community held at Ode-Ugborodo on July 2, 2020, took a resolution to suspend the UCT under the Chairmanship of Mr. Austin Oboroegbeyi and in its place set up the UCICC. 

The community later followed up with a 2-page Public Notices at pages 34 and 35 of the Vanguard newspapers of July 7, 2020 wherein the signed resolution and the constitution of the UCICC were published. 

Part of the said resolution read: "As we all know, nature abhors vacuum and Ugborodo Community cannot afford to be without a day-to-day administrative organ. To this end and without prejudice to the matter in court and the ongoing police investigations into the alleged criminal diversion of Ugborodo Community funds into a private account by individuals, the Ugborodo Community Council of Elders at a well-attended interactive general meeting of Ugborodo Community held at Ode-Ugborodo on July 2, 2020 and having listened to views expressed by various attendees at the meeting, resolved to invoke its constitutional powers in situations like this to immediately suspend indefinitely the said UCT and in its place, set up a Caretaker Committee to run the affairs of Ugborodo Community."

Some other executive members of the UCICC are Mr. Emmanuel Tunu Onuwaje (Vice Chairman), Comrade Alex Eyengho (Assistant Secretary), Mr. Austin Ajurenmisan (Publicity Secretary) and Mr. Joseph Uwawah (Treasurer) among others.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Members of the High Table: R-L: Hon. (Dr.) Andrew Igban Omagbemi (Chairman of the occasion), Comr. Ben Eyitemi Eburajolo, newly sworn-in President, Comr. Collins Edema (Immediate past President), Mr. David Ekwejunor, Chairman, INYC Sapele branch & Dr. Jeffery Wilkie

By Tetsoma Neyin 

The National Association of Itsekiri Gratuates NAIG has inaugurated a new executive body saddled with the responsibility of running the affairs of the association for the next two years. 

The inauguration ceremony took place on Saturday July 18, 2020 at the prestigious Otonloye Hall, Ugbori, Warri.

In his speech at the spectacular ceremony, the Chairman of the ceremony, Hon. Andrew Igban, E. A. to Governor Okowa on Community Development, admonished the newly inaugurated Executive to use their positions to move Itsekiri forward, adding that, they should always speak the truth at all times. 

Hon. Igban further appealed to the new executive to engage in programmes that will usher in development to Itsekiri Nation. 

On his part, the immediate past president of the Association gave a brief account of his two years stewardship which include; 

Engagement of NAIG members for the EGTL Turn-Around Maintenance, Engagement of NAIG members by CNL MI Department on permanent contract, Engagement of NAIG members by Delta State Government in teaching positions, Recall of 42 Itsekiri Graduates by the Delta State Civil Service Commission in December 2019, Engagement of NAIG members by Conoil, NGC, etc., Engagement of NAIG members by Nigera Maritime University Okerenghigho, Engagement of NAIG members by DETSMA, Enrolment of indigent Itsekiri Students for SSCE and NECO exams, Help in raising fund to save Pa. Peter Fregene Ex-Super Eagles Goal Keeper Organise a protest in conjunction with INYC to stop relocation of NGC Headquarters from Warri, Organize and co-funded the protest at WRPC gate for the NNPC recruitment and conversion of casual staff, Supported the Ugborodo protest against CNL at Ode-Ugborodo and later fund a solidarity protest at CNL gate in Warri, Petitioned the House of Representatives on the removal of the Madangho Divisional Police Station from Warri Area Command to Burutu Area Command, Petitioned the President and Commander-in-Chief, Senate President, House of Representatives, GMD NNPC, Federal Character Commission, etc on the exclusion of Itsekiri Graduates on the NNPC recruitment, continuous advocacy for the koko Polytechnic Bill, and commencement/completion of the Koko-Ogheye Road, Omadino-Escravos Road, etc and Award of Excellence as Most Outstanding Organisation in Warri Kingdom by Warri Voice Newspaper.
Members of the newly sworn-in Executive led by their President, Comr. Ben Eyitemi Eburajolo 

Highly elated newly sworn-in President, Comr. Ben Eyitemi Eburajolo in his speech, thanked the immediate Past President and his co-executive for their immense contributions towards the growth and development of the association and promised on behalf of his co-executive to rebrand the Association by reconciling all aggrieved members, founding fathers, BoT and Patrons of the noble Association. 

Other dignitaries who gave words of encouragement to the newly sworn-in executive are: Dr. Jeffrey Wilkie, Mr. Raymond  Aderojo, Chairman, Itsekiri Benin River Pressure Group and Mr. David Ekwejunor, Chairman, INYC Sapele branch. 

High point of the Ceremony was the taking of oath by the new Exco members where they all promised to discharge their duties to the best of their abilities.

Members of the newly sworn-in NAIG Executive are: 
Comr. Eburajolo Ben Eyitemi - National President, Mr. Ekpoto Thomas Ejueyitchie - Vice President, Esiategiwa Mino O. - General Secretary, Tetsoma Neyin - Public Relations Officer, Bibi Ellis Ejuoghanranmakelesan - Financial Secretary, Akperi Itse - Treasurer, OmadoyeTuoyo - Assistant Secretary, Okotie Monday Michael - P.R.O 2, Amoruma Anthony - Project Director, Oritseneye Frederick I. - Social Organising Officer.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Amoma emerges Chairman, Ugbori Community

Amoma emerges Chairman, Ugbori Community 
Mr. Amoma Toritseju Omagbemi 

Mr. Amoma Toritseju Omagbemi  has emerged Chairman of Ugbori Community Youth Executive after battling the position with Mr. Macaulay Tenumah.

The victory after been made public was followed by jubilation from members of the community. 

In a chat with Warri Voice during the course of the jubilation, the new youth Chairman who promised to operate an open door policy where everyone would be carried along disclosed that most of the other youth executive members are returning unopposed, but that the full lists of the executive body which will pilot the affairs of the community for the next three years will be revealed soon. 

Itsekiri Nation Set to Shut Down Oil Companies Operation in Her Land

Itsekiri Nation Set to Shut Down Oil Companies Operation in Her  Land    

The Movement for the Development of Itsekiri Oil and Gas Producing Communities MDIOGPC  in a peaceful protest held on the 4th of July 2020 at  Ode Ugborodo, Warri South West LGA of Delta State has sent an urgent   message of  notice to President, Muhammadu  Buhari  of their readiness   to shut down International Oil and Gas Companies operating in Itsekiri land if Mr.   president  refused to  address the issue of outright marginalisation of the  Itsekiri Nation in projects execution, employment opportunities and the recently announced  fifty seven marginal fields offer which does not include son and daughters  of  the Itsekiri Nation neither did they gave the right of first refusal to us who are fundamental stakeholders as Oil and Gas Producing Communities.

 The Group's protest letter which copied the Minister of Defense, the Chief of Defense Staff, Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Naval Staff, DG, DSS ,Chevron Nigeria limited, SPDC, the Delta State Governor and the LGA Council Chairman was  signed of by Isaac Botosan  Chairman ,Steven Atete  Secretary and  Maurice lrone Publicity Secretary respectively.

 Comrade Besidone Samuel Eyengho, the Spokesman of the Itsekiri  Oil Producing Communities who red the protest letter during the press conference affirmed and asserted that the demands of the Itsekiri Nation are  as follows;

 " We are calling on the Federal Government to immediately halt the current process of bids for the 57 Marginal Fields and come up with new modalities, where competent companies owned by Itsekiri Sons and Daughters, would be given right of first refusal on fields in our homeland, before being thrown open to outsiders. 

If competent companies owned by Itsekiri indigenes are not considered by DPR for the 57 Marginal Fields with immediate effect, we will shut-down operations of the Multi-National Oil and Gas Companies (IOCs) operating in our homelands.

The Federal Government should order immediate resumption of work at the Multi-Billion Dollar Gas Revolution Industrial Park Project, GRIP, Ogidigben and Deep Sea Port in Warri South- West Local Government Area, Delta State.

Direct the relevant MDAs/IOCs to embark on large scale shore protection/sand-filling projects in Itsekiri riverine/oil producing communities.
Institute process for the facilitation of the abandoned age-long Omadino - Escravos Road.
Oil machineries for commencement of the Koko/Ogheye Road Project, which has remained a mere campaign tool for successive administrations, despite its strategic importance to the socio-economic development of the Niger Delta and the South-West.   

We eagerly await speedy action on the aforementioned demands above, to avert fresh crisis in the Oil and Gas Industry and the Niger Delta", the statement read.

The Group acknowledged the realities of Coronavirus pandemic, saying" we are not oblivious of the damaging socio-economic effects COVID-19 is inflicting on the global economy, particularly our country that has continued to bear the brunt of the volatility of the price of Crude Oil (The Black Gold) at the International Market, despite efforts by OPEC and OPEC + to mitigate the resulting challenge".

Comrade Besidone Samuel Eyengho, the MDIOGPC Spokesman explained during the press conference  that "as  responsive and law abiding Ethnic Nationality committed to the sustainable peace, growth and development of the Nigerian project, we are equally not unmindful of the teething security challenges the Federal Government is confronting headlong across the country, especially in the North East. We are however constrained to ventilate our frustration and anger, regarding the brazen and worsening marginalization staring at our face on daily basis, by those in charge of managing affairs in the Oil and Gas Sector in this country. By this, we mean the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and its subsid".

Gbaramatu Kingdom reminds FG of readiness to Shut down Oil Majors in Ten Days

Gbaramatu Kingdom reminds FG of readiness to Shut down Oil Majors in Ten Days 

The Ijaws of Gbaramatu kingdom in Warri South-West Council of Delta State has reiterated their determination to follow through their threat to shut down all oil and gas operations in their homeland following alleged unacceptable level of marginalization, oppression, relegation, unemployment, suppression and deprivations wrath on them by the Federal government in spite of their huge contributions to the revenue base of the government with their oil and gas resources.

Addressing a press conference at Oporoza, the headquarters of Gbaramatu, Saturday, the Fiyewei of the kingdom, Chief Godspower Gbenekama (JP) on behalf of the Gbaramatu Traditional Council of Chiefs in a statement emphasized that the Ten (10) days ultimatum issued earlier to the government to address their demands remains sacrosanct saying that “we have stayed silent for too long. We will be silent no more”.

Chief Gbenekama listed their demand to include the commencement of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) Gas Revolution Industrial Park, Ogidigben and Deep Sea Port, Gbaramatu project; restart of the Omadino-Escravos road project; immediate halt of the current bidding process for the 57 Marginal Fields until competent Gbaramatu indigenes are given the right of first refusal.

Other demands are; the immediate relocation to Gbaramatu of the Floating Dock/Ship Building Yard and a clear path to employment and appointment opportunities for qualified Gbaramatu indigenes”, he stressed.

According to Chief Gbenekama, “we do not look forward to inflicting more financial burden on the Federal Government during these COVID-19 times, in four (4) days, we will shut down all exploration activities in our homeland”.



Monday, July 6, 2020


Late Pa. Samuel Odonghanro 

The remains of Pa. Samuel B. Odonghanro who passed on to eternal glory June 7, 2020 at the age of 80 will be committed to mother earth on Friday July 31, 2020 at his home town, Ibirifo, Ethiope West LGA, after a Funeral Service at St. Andrew Cathedral, 22 Okere Road, Warri. 

Service of Songs will be held in his honour at his  Warri residence, 22 Iyemi  lane, off Emiko close, Warri on Thursday July 30, 2020.

Pa. Samuel Odonghanro who also hailed from Ogidigben in Warri South - West LGA is survived by many children and numerous relatives including  the Chairman of Iwere Renaissance, Comr. Bawo Odonghanro.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

National Association of Itsekiri Graduates NAIG, get new Executive

National Association of Itsekiri Graduates NAIG, get new Executive 
                President elect, Mr. Ben Eburajolo Eyitemi 

By Tetsoma Neyin
The National Association of Itsekiri Graduates NAIG, an umbrella body of all Itsekiri Graduates has installed a new Executive to pilot the affairs of great association for the next two years.

The election took place on Saturday July 4, 2020 at the prestigious Otonloye hall, located in Ugbori, Warri South LGA. 

In his acceptance speech, the newly elected president, Mr. Ben Eburajolo Eyitemi  thanked the electoral committee and other members of the body for conducting  a free  and credible  election.

He further thanked the outgoing President, Comr. Collins Oritsetimeyin Edema and his executive for all their efforts in moving the association forward and promised to put in his outermost  best  to see a United and prosperous NAIG. 

The President elect who promised to operate an open door policy together with other elected  executive  also used the opportunity to  appeal to the people to strictly adhere to the directives put in place by NCDC so as to prevent the alarming rate of Coronavirus victims  in the state, particularly in Warri South LGA. 
             The newly elected executive body of  NAIG         led by their President, Mr. Ben Eburajolo Eyitemi 

Below are the names of the newly elected  executive body;

Mr. Eburajolo Ben Eyitemi - National President 
Mr. Ekpoto Thomas  Ejueyitchie - Vice President 
Esiategiwa Mino O. - General Secretary 
Tetsoma Neyin - Public Relations Officer  
Bibi  Ellis Ejuoghanranmakelesan - Financial Secretary 
Akperi Itse - Treasurer
Omadoye Tuoyo - Assistant Secretary 
Okotie Monday  Michael - P.R.O 2
Amoruma Anthony - Project Director 
Oritseneye Frederick I. - Social Organising Officer 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Keyamo refuses to bow to Senate pressure, direct committees to continue working

Keyamo refuses to bow to Senate pressure, direct  committees to continue working 
Festus Keyamo,Minister of State for Labour & Employment

Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, SAN, has directed all the committees he inaugurated Monday, to recruit 774,000 jobs in all the local governments nationwide, to proceed with their work in spite of the disagreement he had on the project with the joint Committee of the Senate and the House of Representatives earlier, Tuesday.

“Only Mr. President can stop their work,” the Minister said in a statement issued on Tuesday June 30, 2020.

The Minister who was not pleased  with the Senate committee to suspend  the recruitment exercise said that he would rather leave the assignment if the President so directs rather than bow to the will of the legislators to suspend the exercise.

In the statement titled, “PURPORTED SUSPENSION OF SELECTION PROCESS OF 774,000 JOBS BY NATIONAL ASSEMBLY COMMITTEES,” signed by the Minister himself, he said:

“Today, in obedience to their invitation, I appeared before the Joint Committees on Labour of both the Senate and the House. The Distinguished Senators and Honourable Members sought to be briefed on the implementation of the Special Public Works Programme so far.

“However, there was a misunderstanding between us when they questioned why I did not privately submit the program to them for vetting before taking certain steps. They suggested that they ought to have an input on how the programme should be implemented.  In other words, they sought to control the programme as to who gets what, where and how.  However, I insisted that I could not surrender the programme to their control since their powers under the Constitution does not extend to that. They insisted on a closed door session.

“At this point, I remarked that it was only fair for me to respond to their position before the press, since their own position was also made public.  In any case, I remarked that the Nigerian people deserve to know the details of the execution of this all-important programme.

Thursday, June 25, 2020



A renowned businessman and Chieftain of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State, Olorogun Samson Gordons Okomitie has bagged the prestigious Delta Grassroots Media Award of Excellence for distinguishing himself as a philanthropist and grassroots politician who attracted people into the PDP.

While receiving the award from the Delta State Publishers under the aiges of Delta Guilds of Indigenous Newspaper publishers (DGINP) at his residence in Ekakpamre in Ughelli South Local Government Area in Delta State on Sunday June 21, 2020, Olorugun Okomitie said that he love assisting the less-priviledge ones in the society and he is ever ready to help people who are in distress condition.
Olorogun Okomitie said he was concerned from his youth days on how to contribute positively to the development and progress of the society.

Olorogun Okomitie who is the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa on Peace Building and Conflict Resolution said apart from being a businessman, he joined politics (PDP) to use that platform to further help the people and promote the developmental strides of the Delta State Government.

He urged Deltans to support the Delta State Government led by Governor Okowa to achieve its set target.
He thanked the Delta State Publishers for considering him for the prestigious award and promised to do more for humanity.

In his brief speech before bestowing the award on the recipient, the President of Delta Guide of indigenous Newspaper Publishers, Mr. Femi Odonmeta said that the visible contributions of the recipient to the social and economic development of the state and his philanthropic gestures have prompted the Guild to bestow Olorogun Okomitie the prestigious award.

He noted that the outstanding contributions of Okomitie in all spheres of life were quite remarkable and wished him well in all his present and future endeavours.

INYC Steps Up Peace Efforts in Edo State's Itsekiri-Bini Crisis

 INYC Steps Up Peace Efforts in Edo State's Itsekiri-Bini Crisis

The Itsekiri National Youths Council, INYC, has sent a passionate appeal to all Itsekiri critical stakeholders, leaders of thoughts and opinion molders to immediately wade in and step up effects aimed at resolving the Itsekiri-Itsekiri microcosm in the raging Itsekiri-Bini crisis rocking the Ologbo-Kolokolo axis of Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State.

The INYC has also called on all Itsekiri people living in the crisis-proned area, especially the principal actors to exercise caution for their personal safety until the issue is amicably laid to rest to avoid further casualty on the side of the Itsekiris who they said have suffered more casualties and loss of properties.

The position of the apex Itsekiri youths platform was made known by the INYC President Worldwide, Comr. Weyinmi Agbateyiniro, during a press conference in Warri, Monday June 22, 2020 to make their stand known in the crisis raging between the Itsekiris and Binis on one side, and a crop of other Itsekiris who are waging internal war against themselves in Edo State.

The INYC described the crisis which stemmed from alleged attempt by the Binis to annex some Itsekiri Indigenous communities of Ologbo, Kolokolo, Ajoki, Ajatiton, Ikara among others, as both unfortunate and same time complicated by the actions of same Itsekiris who are said to be working with the Binis to the extent of going to media to publicly make unsavory statements discrediting the genuine Itsekiri struggle.

According to the youths' group, while the Indigenous Itsekiri communities have been existing in Edo State since time immemorial, they do not have any linguistic connection, just as they pointed out that the existence of indigenous Urhobo and Isoko communities in neighbouring Bayelsa State have not translated to the transfer of those communities to the Ijaws, as the boundaries bordering many of the communities where only demarcations established for mere administrative conveniences.

The INYC regretted that several attempts made by notable Itsekiri leaders during the crisis so far have failed to yield positive regrets, just as it said "it is uncultural, unethical and unItsekiri for any Itsekiri to go to war with the sole aim of bringing down a fellow Itsekiri. Our condemnation to such notion is total and absolute."

Meanwhile, the INYC has raised the alarm that the Binis are strategically capitalizing on an ongoing investigation by the Nigeria Police to unravel the mystery behind the missing of an Itsekiri Indigene, Comr. Sunny Etchie, to unleash reprisal attacks wherein all the casualties lying critically ill in hospitals in Delta and Edo States, are all Itsekiris.

"Conspiratorially, one Curtis Ugbo and his faceless Bini Solidarity Movement have created all kinds of false impressions in the media," the INYC stated, adding that "all of such verbal vituperations and diarrhea (now on various media) are what the leadership of this council is not prepared to glorify by joining issues with them since the antecedents of the said Curtis Ugbo and some of his co-travelers have been making several trips to and fro prison. In any sane society, such individual or group by now would have been appropriately situated.

The INYC President, while responding to questions from Journalists during the press conference, frowned at the refusal of those styling themselves as social media reporters to made themselves available for the purposes of getting reliable first hand information to guide them in their daily posts on the social media.

Comr. Agbateyiniro emphasised that the refusal of the self-styled social media reporters to attend the conference gives credence to the popular notion that their work amounts to nothing short of calculated attempt to spread fake rumours and make malicious claims to malign and tarnish the image of responsible individuals who are genuinely committed and working for public good.

He urge those involved in such evil machinations to desist from such acts and turn a new leaf as both karma and posterity would catch up with them and dish them their fair share of judgement.



Delta State Government has announced the full enforcement of the ban on tricycles popularly known as Keke, from running on Federal highways.

This was made known by the Delta State Taskforce Chairman on Environment, Honourable Sylvester Oromoni at a joint meeting with Keke Union Executive of both Warri and Uvwie held at the 
Government House Annex Warri recently.

According to the  Task Force Chairman, the prohibited routes include NPA Expressway Warri, Asaba-Onitsha express way, DSC Express Way, Udu, Effurun Roundabout to Oghara expressway, PTI junction to Abraka-Agbor axis, DSC roundabout to Ughelli, Patani, Ozoro Kwale-Asaba.

Honourable Oromoni, the Task Force Chairman, emphasized that the measure was to ensure safety on the highway, saying that hence forth, any Keke plying the Federal highways would be arrested.

The taskforce chairman asserted that the law banning Keke on Federal Highways has been in force since the tenure of Governor Ewetan Uduaghan and Okowa upon assumption of office up held same.

Explaining further, Hon. Oromoni pointed out that, Only buses, taxes and other four wheel vehicles are allowed to ply such routes.

The Task Force Chairman said, I want to sternly warn all tricycle operators in the State to abide by this order, or face the wrath of the Law. We are here to reinforce the law, and any one that violates it will pay a fine of N20,000.

In his response, the Chairman of Keke Drivers Union Association of Delta State, Evangelist Paul Onyema said We are ready to partner with the Environmental Task Force in order to stop Keke Operators from using the above mentioned highway in the State. 

The Union Chairman disclosed that, "One of our major challenges is that many of the Keke riders are based in Ughelli, Agbarho and other nearby Villages. With this, they will have to drive through the prohibited routes."

He promised to discuss the problem with his member so that a solution would be reached.

Friday, June 19, 2020

DESOPADEC Team commiserate with family of Late Overah in Sapele

DESOPADEC Team commiserate with family of Late Overah in Sapele
Late Hon. Joyce Overah 

Top Management Staff and Board members of the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC) led by their Chairman, Hon. Evang. Michael Diden alias Ejele recently paid visit to the family of Late Joyce Overah Commissioner representing Urhobo Nationality on the Board of DESOPADEC at his new road residence to condole with his wife, children and close family members.

In his brief speech during the visit, DESOPADEC Managing Director/CEO, Bashorun (Hon.) Askia Ogieh said that when they received the news of the death, himself and some top management staff quickly travelled to Sapele for confirmation and promised members of the family that they will come back for an official visit which they have just done. 

On his part, Chairman of DESOPADEC, Hon. (Evang.) Michael Diden stated that they are going to miss the presence of Late Overah because according to him, the Late Overah was not only their colleague but their brother and a member of Delta Political Vanguard with Governor Okowa as their leader.

He appealed to members of the family to carry them along when planning for the burial so that they can help in giving their departed colleague a befitting burial.

The Chairman also pleaded with the children and members of the immediate family to take the death in good faith as it is the will of God Almighty.

Responding, younger brother of the deceased, Mr. Raymond Overah while thanking the DESOPADEC team for the visit appealed for assistance so that they can give their brother a befitting burial as well as assist in taking care of the two wives and children which Late Overah left behind.

The Ejele team also visited the second wife of Late Overah at Ogbimi Drive in Sapele where they also commiserated with the wife and children.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Bawo Odonghanro loses Father

Bawo Odonghanro loses Father 
                    Late  Pa. Samuel B. Odonghanro

The father of Comr. Bawo Odonghanro, a prominent youth leader in Warri Kingdom and Chairman of Iwere Renaissance has lost his precious father.

The father, Late Pa. Samuel B. Odonghanro passed on to glory June 7, 2020 at the age of 80.
Late Pa. Samuel B. Odonghanro hailed from Ibirifo and Ogidigben Communities in Ethiope West Local Government and Warri South-West Local Government Area respectively.

Pa. Odonghanro who was  an astute Seaman and Marine Engineer  is survived by many children and numerous relatives.
Delegates from His Majesty, Ogiame Ikenwoli, The Olu of Warri in a group photograph with the Odonghanro family 

Mr. Bawo Odonghanro, a former Chairman of Ibirofo Community on behalf of the Odonghanro family thanked His Majesty, Ogiame Ikenwoli, The Olu of Warri for sending a high powered delegates led by Chief Gabriel Awala, The Uwangwe of Warri Kingdom to commiserate with their family. 

Julius Rone wins Business Day Bulls Award

  Julius Rone   wins Business Day Bulls Award   Julius Rone, OFR Group Managing Director of   UTM FLNG   Julius Rone(OFR),  the famous Itsek...