Monday, April 13, 2020

Coronavirus is real, ignorance is not an excuse - President, Ugbajo - Itsekiri U.S.A Inc.

Coronavirus is real, ignorance is not an excuse - President, Ugbajo - Itsekiri U.S.A Inc.

By: Tetsoma Neyin

The President of Ugbajo-Itsekiri USA Inc., Mr. Kingsley Onuwaje, a foremost group in Itsekiri nation has said that the dreaded coronavirus is real and should be taken seriously, because ignorance is not an excuse. 

" Coronavirus is real and it should be taken seriously, the evidence is clear, it is killing people. Ignorance is not an excuse. My beloved Itsekiri people, please listen to the people in authority like the government, local government agencies and W.H.O instead of the conspiracy theorists."

He made the statement on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020 during a telephone chat with Warri Voice newspaper.

The President of the charitable organization, further said that social distancing should be observed as advised, "if you love your neighbor as you love yourself, you will do the right thing by obeying the law.  Wash your hands frequently, sanitize your environment and lookout for our elderly ones. If testing is available in your communities, please take part."

When asked about the well-being of his group members together with him in America, he responded by saying that "I have been on  constant message with all Ugbajo-USA members through their regional presidents, asking them to heed the advice of the authorities and help save lives. We are reaching out to one another and giving assistance to those that need it.  We also have some members who are in the front line like the ones in the medical fields and other essentials."

To show the benevolence act of the group,  Mr. Onuwaje further said that "the Executive body is meeting very soon to discuss  on what to do regarding our people back home."

He urged Deltans, and Nigeria at large to strictly adhere to all the directives given by those in authorities in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

"I will also use this opportunity to say thank you to our highly respected Monarch, Olu of Warri for sending us a goodwill message, prayed for us and appealed to us to abide by the law and do accordingly,  Delta State Government and the Local government chairmen for their efforts to curb the pandemic." he said.

He also called for more awareness campaign in the rural areas.   Mr. Kingsley Onuwaje, President, Ugbajo-Itsekiri U.S.A, Inc.

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