Thursday, June 25, 2020

INYC Steps Up Peace Efforts in Edo State's Itsekiri-Bini Crisis

 INYC Steps Up Peace Efforts in Edo State's Itsekiri-Bini Crisis

The Itsekiri National Youths Council, INYC, has sent a passionate appeal to all Itsekiri critical stakeholders, leaders of thoughts and opinion molders to immediately wade in and step up effects aimed at resolving the Itsekiri-Itsekiri microcosm in the raging Itsekiri-Bini crisis rocking the Ologbo-Kolokolo axis of Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State.

The INYC has also called on all Itsekiri people living in the crisis-proned area, especially the principal actors to exercise caution for their personal safety until the issue is amicably laid to rest to avoid further casualty on the side of the Itsekiris who they said have suffered more casualties and loss of properties.

The position of the apex Itsekiri youths platform was made known by the INYC President Worldwide, Comr. Weyinmi Agbateyiniro, during a press conference in Warri, Monday June 22, 2020 to make their stand known in the crisis raging between the Itsekiris and Binis on one side, and a crop of other Itsekiris who are waging internal war against themselves in Edo State.

The INYC described the crisis which stemmed from alleged attempt by the Binis to annex some Itsekiri Indigenous communities of Ologbo, Kolokolo, Ajoki, Ajatiton, Ikara among others, as both unfortunate and same time complicated by the actions of same Itsekiris who are said to be working with the Binis to the extent of going to media to publicly make unsavory statements discrediting the genuine Itsekiri struggle.

According to the youths' group, while the Indigenous Itsekiri communities have been existing in Edo State since time immemorial, they do not have any linguistic connection, just as they pointed out that the existence of indigenous Urhobo and Isoko communities in neighbouring Bayelsa State have not translated to the transfer of those communities to the Ijaws, as the boundaries bordering many of the communities where only demarcations established for mere administrative conveniences.

The INYC regretted that several attempts made by notable Itsekiri leaders during the crisis so far have failed to yield positive regrets, just as it said "it is uncultural, unethical and unItsekiri for any Itsekiri to go to war with the sole aim of bringing down a fellow Itsekiri. Our condemnation to such notion is total and absolute."

Meanwhile, the INYC has raised the alarm that the Binis are strategically capitalizing on an ongoing investigation by the Nigeria Police to unravel the mystery behind the missing of an Itsekiri Indigene, Comr. Sunny Etchie, to unleash reprisal attacks wherein all the casualties lying critically ill in hospitals in Delta and Edo States, are all Itsekiris.

"Conspiratorially, one Curtis Ugbo and his faceless Bini Solidarity Movement have created all kinds of false impressions in the media," the INYC stated, adding that "all of such verbal vituperations and diarrhea (now on various media) are what the leadership of this council is not prepared to glorify by joining issues with them since the antecedents of the said Curtis Ugbo and some of his co-travelers have been making several trips to and fro prison. In any sane society, such individual or group by now would have been appropriately situated.

The INYC President, while responding to questions from Journalists during the press conference, frowned at the refusal of those styling themselves as social media reporters to made themselves available for the purposes of getting reliable first hand information to guide them in their daily posts on the social media.

Comr. Agbateyiniro emphasised that the refusal of the self-styled social media reporters to attend the conference gives credence to the popular notion that their work amounts to nothing short of calculated attempt to spread fake rumours and make malicious claims to malign and tarnish the image of responsible individuals who are genuinely committed and working for public good.

He urge those involved in such evil machinations to desist from such acts and turn a new leaf as both karma and posterity would catch up with them and dish them their fair share of judgement.

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