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Upgrade College of Education, Warri to a University - Prof. Edema

Upgrade College of Education, Warri to a University - Prof. Edema

   Prof. (Mrs.) Mary Olire Edema

By Tetsoma Neyin

The out going Provost of College of Education, Warri, Prof. Mrs. Mary Olire Edema has called on the Government of Delta State and all Delta State politicians to upgrade the College of Education, Warri to a full fledged University, saying that the College has all the academic standard to function as a University effectively.

The astute academician made the statement during her valedictory speech in the just concluded send forth ceremony organised in her honour by the College to commemorate her outstanding contributions to the success of the College on Thursday June 17, 2021. 

  Chairman, Governing Council of COEWA, V.O. T. Abanum presenting award of Excellence to Prof. Edema while Mr. Clarkson Olire(husband) looks on

Counting on her enormous success she has achieved in these five years of service and people who have made it possible, the first female Provost of COEWA said " I sincerely appreciate the former Chairman of COEWA Governing Council, Prof. Sam O. Aghalino and all the members of his Governing Council for deeming me fit to be among those recommended. There are persons, destiny helpers, that God positions in one's path at the appropriate time to help achieve a dream that He, the Almighty is part of. These persons include, but not limited to His Majesty, Ogiame Ikenwoli , the Olu of Warri, of blessed memory, Dr. Kingsley Emu, Rt. (Hon.) Festus Ovie Agas, Prof. Sam Oyovbaire, Prof. Emmanuel Nwanze, Prof. Patrick Muoboghare and Prof. G.O Yomere, among others”.

Prof. Edema further stated however that, the NCE programme is gradually loosing relevance  due to the strict process of gaining admission into the College.

 “The annual enrolment of College of Education is reducing every year as many students, even if not qualified for universities, want to go there at all cost and if not possible, will opt for Polytechnics, instead of a College of Education, for a number of reasons. On the onset of the College, persons with two credits were qualified to be admitted as long as they have  the credits in the subject area of study. When they finished and have to go to the University, they are admitted for two years programme.

"Gradually, this was changed. They are now to have four credits and run three years in the University while the OND which initially was lower than NCE spend just two years to get HND which is equivalent to a degree. It would seem the NCE was relegated", She averred.
In his address, Chairman of the Governing Council of COEWA, V.O. T. Abanum, outlined the core stewardship of the outgoing Provost, Prof. Edema to include; Upgrading of ICT facilities with the installation of solar energy at the ICT Block, increase in the quantities and qualities of computer hardware, smoothening of the hitherto rough-edged relationship between TETFUND and College of Education, Warri, by completing some of the abandoned projects from previous administrations, improvement of academic standards among Staff and students, attraction of the University of Benin Affiliate Programme to the College, which has seen the school grooming graduates at degree levels, marginal increase of the Internally Generated Revenue, IGR, of the Institution, enhanced staff participation at Conferences and Seminars, locally and overseas, which in turn impacted positively on the academic and social status of the College, acquiring of Ph.Ds by a lot of staff under her watch, ongoing hostel infrastructural project and the award of contract for the construction of entrepreneurship acquisition building. 

Mr. Abanum who stated that Prof. Edema do not have any record of abandoned project to her credit, expressed worries on the embargo placed on employment in the Institution  “lots of vacancies have been created in every employable aspect of the College Administration, thanks to retirements, promotions, searches for greener pastures, etc, I do not need to catalogue the attendant consequences of leaving these vacancies unfilled. Consequently, I wish to make an appeal to His Excellency and the government to kindly do the needful in this regard".

The Provost-Designate of COEWA, Dr. Dickson O. Oyovwi, in his address, stated "today's celebration of 5 years of meritorious service/send forth party in honour of Prof. (Mrs.) Mary Olire Edema, is part of the transition programme to the historic date. I am happy and grateful to God Almighty that I am part of this history making. The shoe I am about to take over is oversized, but I pray that God Almighty will grow my feet to fit into the shoe. I have been in this College for over twenty years and served under many Provosts. However, to the best of my knowledge, this is the first Provost being officially send-forth by the College. This is because of the smooth transition we lacked in the past".
The Provost-Designate of COEWA, Dr. Dickson O. Oyovwi(2nd left), Deputy Provost COEWA, Warri, Dr. (Mrs.) Fidelia Ighrakpata(3rd right) & others

Dr. Oyovwi thanked the College Governing Council led by  Chief Vander-Puye O. T. Abanum, the College Management under the hegemony of Professor (Mrs.) Mary Olire Edema, for putting the structures in place for a smooth transition, stating that he would do his best to build a united management team to sustain her good work.
Chairman of the Event Planning Committee and Deputy Provost of College of Education, Warri, Dr. (Mrs.) Fidelia Ighrakpata, in her welcome address, described Prof. Mary Edema as a woman of many talents and icon of our time, saying that, the management will continue to seek her wise counsel in order to move the College forward.

 Member representing Warri Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Chief Thomas Ereyitomi, who unveiled the book on the 5-years Meritorious Stewardship of Prof. (Mrs.) Mary Olire Edema, as Provost of College of Education, Warri and also laid the foundation for the entrepreneurship centre initiated by Prof. Edema, described the send-forth ceremony of the out-going Provost as unique in her life, the life of the incoming Provost and the entire Institution.
Member representing Warri Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Chief Thomas Ereyitomi launching the book

A former Delta State Commissioner for Higher Education, Prof. Patrick Muoboghare, commended the achievements of Prof. Edema saying that anybody can be a Provost, Governor or Commissioner, but the difference between one Provost and the other is what you bring to the table.
Mr. &  Prof. (Mrs.) Olire Edema in a group photograph with UNIBEN Alumni

Climax of the well attended ceremony  were the unveiling of the book on Prof. Edema’s Transformational Leadership and the Commissioning of Completed Projects, some of the projects which was financed by Tetfund were  inherited and others initiated by the Prof. Edema leadership of the Institution as well as the presentation of award of Excellence to Prof. Mrs. Mary Olire Edema.

Saturday, June 12, 2021



      Mr. Charles Omadeli

The Palace of the Olu of Warri under the leadership of the Regent of Warri kingdom, Prince Emmanuel Okotie-Eboh, Chairman of the Olu Advisory COUNCIL, Chief Johnson Amatserunleghe (JP) and the Ginuwa 1 Ruling House has taken its stand on the leadership of the OML 150 consultative forum thereby putting to rest the leadership tussle between Omadeli led Executive and that of Comr. Monday Agbeyi led executive. 

In a letter from the office of the Palace Administrator (Olu of Warri Palace) dated 10th of June, 2021 and signed by the Director of Palace Administrator, Olu of Warri Palace, Warri, Chief Clement A. Maleghemi stated categorically that they should maintain status quo in favour of Mr. Charles Omadeli led executive pending the advice of the incoming Olu of Warri. 

Addressing Journalists after the outcome of the verdict, Mr. Charles Omadeli thanked the Regent and the Iyatsere for their fairness and firmness on the matter and urged every indigene of the seven (7) host communities to remain calm and steadfast and advised non indigene that Comrade Monday Agbeyi, a civil servant (TLG) in Warri North Local Government Area are using to desist from such act. 

Mr. Charles Omadeli warned all those illegal protesters in Conoil Obodo Field under Comrade Monday Agbeyi to vacate the place with immediate effect. He also warned all those taking side with Comrade Monday Agbeyi group in the likes of Esimaje Jemide (Esimaje Awani) who are pretending to be loyal to the Palace and also claiming to be very close to the Omoba and are agitating for the withdrawal of a letter already issued from the Palace to refrain from their dirty acts. 

“The same Esimaje Awani was amongst those who sold some acres of land in Ifie, a land that has already been denoted to the Ministry of Agriculture and part of Royal Cemetery”, Omadeli concluded.         

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Itsekiri Political Advancement Front, IPAF, makes case for Itsekiris come 2023 General Elections

Itsekiri Political Advancement Front, IPAF, makes case for  Itsekiris come 2023 General Elections
Opinion Leaders: Prof. Gabriel Yomere, Mr. Tunde Okorodudun, Mr. Fred Atikpekpe & Mr. Asifo Wyse

By Tetsoma Neyin

The Itsekiri Political Advancement Front under the aegis of IPAF has held its first National Conference with critical Itsekiri opinion Leaders in attendance to brain storm on the fate of the Itsekiri Nation in the forth coming 2023 general elections.
The pressure group which is made up of selected like-minded Itsekiri youths, made these demands for the Delta State Deputy Governorship position and Delta South Senatorial seat come 2023, saying the demands became necessary, reasons being that the Itsekiri Nation which has contributed immensely to the economic growth of the nation has been grossly marginalized in terms of leadership positions in Delta State and Nigeria, saying that from 1999 till now, no Itsekiri has occupied these elated positions. 

The National Chairman of the newly formed pressure group, Comr. Dennis Abugewa Mene, has made these outstanding demands during the inauguration ceremony of the executive body held at the famous Eyewoma hall, Esisi Road, Warri on Sunday June 6, 2023. 

 The event with the theme, “Setting a new front for 2023 and thereafter for Itsekiri Nation”, witnessed lots of Itsekiri sons and daughters in attendance.

In his address, the vibrant Chairman of IPAF, Comr. Mene who made the demands stated categorically that Itsekiris can no longer continue to be relegated to the bottom in the political scheme of things both at the State level and Federal level.
Newly Sworn in National Chairman of IPAF, Comr. Dennis Abugewa Mene, reading his speech

“The past 6 to 7 years have been a bitter pills for us to chew as a Nation. Despite our contributions to the National Economy and our peaceful disposition, we have been relegated to a Nation of Commissioner for Women Affairs and SAs at the State level and mere Board members at the Federal level. Hence, we have come together as a people of one Nation, one King and one language, to state our stand for our advancement as a Nation, through collaboration with other ethnic Nationalities and Senatorial District in the State and others," he stated.

R-L: Comr. Amaechi O. Ogbonna, Dr. Jeffrey Wilkie, Mr. Charles Lori (Advising the leadership of IPAF) & Mr. Asifo Wyse


Comr. Mene stated further that “We are going to continue to throw our full support to the Executive Governor of the State and the President, but we will no longer tolerate a situation where we are treated like nothing with appointment that is undermining, despite our huge contributions being the largest producer of oil and gas in the state and second largest in the country. We have been relegated politically for too long. We would not continue to complain, but have decided to take our destiny in our hands to declare our stand as Itsekiri and our position as regards the future of our dear tribe. We wish to use this opportunity to call on all members of our political class, who have formed the habit of negotiating or trading with our heritage for personal gains at the detriment of our Nation, to desist from it as we will no longer tolerate such unpatriotic behavior. The Itsekiri people are now prepared to fight with their last blood, to restore the lost glory of the Nation in all areas"

“We therefore, wish to call on our brothers and sisters from other senatorial districts and our senatorial district (Delta South) for the sake of equity and fairness, to support Itsekiri indigenes as Deputy Governor and Senator Representing Delta South Senatorial District. This is because from 1999 till date, no Itsekiri has occupied these positions and we have given maximum support to others in their political pursuits.”
The vibrant National Chairman, noted that the group is willing to collaborate  with other ethnic Nationalities and politicians, who are  prepared to build bridges of mutual political benefits for the collective interest of the Itsekiri people," he opined.
        Participants at the event.

Chairman of the ceremony, Sir. A. S. Mene who was ably represented by Mr. Fred Atikpekpe,  said that, going forward, the Itsekiri Nation must have a political clean-out and set a political debate, to produce the best representatives for the tribe.

Astute Itsekiri activist and University Don, Prof. Gabriel Yomere, in his speech, stressed on the need for Itsekiri Nation to have a strategic plan as well as put machineries in place to actualize her political goals in 2023 and beyond.

Prof. Yomere who expressed fears about the possibility of conceding political leadership of Warri South to another tribe as was the case in Warri South-West and Warri North Local Government Areas, averred that “The self-seeking individuals, controlling the political and economic lives of Itsekiri Nation, would not have succeeded, if we didn’t support them.”

Mr. Amaechi Omagbitse Ogbonna, who gave a chronological presentation of Itsekiri political history, said that Itsekiri Nation in the defunct Mid-West and Bendel States, during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd republic enjoyed a good political edge and control, but eventually lost political relevance in the 4th Republic, saying that Itsekiri political leaders from 1999 till date never negotiated for the tribe in PDP and APC, rather for their selfish gains.

Other Itsekiri opinion leaders who also remarked on the way forward are; Mr. Tunde Okorodudu, Dr. Jeffery Wilkie, Mr. Charles Lori, Asifo Wyse, Comrade Collins Edema, Mr. Esimaje Awani and Prince David Odeli. 

   Newly Sworn-in IPAF Executives

Members of the newly sworn in executives of IPAF are;  Comr. Dennis Mene, Chairman, Elizabeth Oluwakuyeye; Vice President National, Tuoyo O. Blessing; National Secretary, Frederick Tuoyo Egbe; Spokeman National, Ajofotan Omagbemi; National Provost, Esigbowe P. Tuale; Co-ordinator (Uwvie Local Government Area), Okotie Tosan; Co-ordinator (Ethiope West) and Utseoritselaju Ayo; Co-ordinator (Sapele Local Government Area).


Saturday, June 5, 2021

Matrix Energy Organises Free Medical Outreach for elderly people

Matrix Energy Organises Free Medical Outreach for elderly people 

Group photograph of Patients & some staff of Ogiame Ikenwoli Hospital

By Tetsoma Neyin

As part of its social responsibility, Matrix Energy in collaboration with Ogiame Ikenwoli Hospital have yet again given back to its host communities by organising free medical outreach for the elderly people.

More than hundred elderly persons from 60 years  and above, who are from Ifie, Ubeji, Egbokodo, Ijalla-Ikenren and Aja-Etan, in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State have benefitted from a week-long free medical outreach, organized by Matrix Energy Group.

The medical outreach, which began Monday May 31 to round-off Saturday June 5, at the Ogiame Ikenwoli Hospital, Ubeji-Warri, sees Medical professionals who were on ground to diagnose and administer drugs to patients, after checking of vital signs, collation of data as well as dispensing. 

Warri Voice Newspaper gathered that the magnificent Ogiame Ikenwoli hospital was built and equipped by the leading indigenous oil and gas company, Matrix Energy Group as a way of giving back to the society.

Addressing newsmen, Friday June 4, representative of Matrix Energy Group, Mr. Fredrick Olomuro, Head of Health Safety Security & Environment, HSSE, beckoned on  people living within the five Warri South Communities as well as other members of the public, to make good use of the medical facility and take advantage of the week-long free medicare, as the aged who are their primary focus can register and have access to ambulance services, just with a phone call whenever there is an emergency in a very subsidized amount.

Representative of Matrix Energy Group, Mr. Fredrick Olomuro, Head of Health Safety Security & Environment, HSSE.

The Medical Director of Ogiame Ikenwoli Hospital, Ubeji, Dr. Olisa Olusegun who also spoke to newsmen, said that Consultation/Counselling, Blood Pressure Check, Calculation of BMI, Blood Sugar Check, Outpatient, treatment of uncomplicated diabetes and Hypertension as well as launching of Geriatric care, are the health challenges covered by the free medical outreach programme organised by Matrix Energy.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

President of Girl Child Initiative appeals to Governor Okowa to reinstate Gbubemi Ikolo back to her position

President of Girl Child Initiative appeals to Governor Okowa to reinstate Gbubemi Ikolo back to her position

Immediate past Commissioner for Technical Education, Hon. Mrs. Gbubemi Ikolo

As a way of preventing gender inequality in the State, President of Girl-Child Initiative, Warri South Chapter, Comr. Tetsoma Neyin has passionately appealed to the Executive Governor of Delta State, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa to kindly reinstate the  immediate past Commissioner for Technical Education, Hon. Mrs. Gbubemi Ikolo to continue the good work she has started in the State which has cut across ethnic boundaries.

She made the statement recently in Warri during  their two days girl child advocacy campaign  with the theme: "Women's right to vote and be voted for". 

  President of Girl-Child Initiative, Warri South Chapter, Comr. Tetsoma Neyin

"We  are using this medium to speak to our amiable Governor who is also a strong advocate of women's involvement in politics to kindly reinstate Hon. Mrs. Gbubemi Ikolo back to her position to continue in her good work which is in line with your smart agenda policy." She said.

Comr. Tetsoma further admonished the Governor to include more women in his new appointments plan so as to avoid gender inequality in his cabinet.

She also beckoned on the first Lady of the State, Mrs. Dame Okowa, whom she described as a woman with the heart of gold, to use her good office to speak in favour of one of her own.

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