A controversial and ardent criminal, Mr. Godswill Urunmatsoma Alias Prince Jason has been declared wanted by his community and religious organizations due to his blasphemy and outright rebellion against his community and Nigerian government. 

Prince Jason has severally blasphemed the Christian religion and also attacked Muslims regarding them as those that lost their roots and worshipping fake foreign religions. 

He has severally escaped arrests because of his networks of informants that are his associates and partners in crime. 

Prince Jason was regarded as brain behind some strong opposition to the tradition of his people in the Niger Delta and this has led to the death of three prophets that opposed his stance on religious matters which he regularly posted on his whatsapp platform and facebook. 

He was believed to have been a leader and has championed some secret movements that are strongly at variance with the culture and tradition of his people. 

The Federal Government of Nigeria has declared him wanted to face trial for his negative actions against constituted authority and back in his home in the Niger Delta he was to be beheaded for the level of crimes he has committed against the tradition and the people. 

Due to his controversial statements condemning Jesus Christ and Mohammed which he regarded as doctrines to brainwash Africans, many people are angry that he should not be allowed to live.

He wrote that Africans are worshipping Deities (Christianity and Islam) brought to them by slave masters, stressing that black men should be ashamed of themselves. He derided Africans by saying Arabs slave masters brought them Islam and took our women as sex slaves and killed many of the men through slave raiding which they did for about three centuries and urged Africans to abandon Islam religion considering it as evil. 

He also said that Europe slave masters that brought us Christianity are not different from the Arabs as the Europeans stole and still stealing our natural resources and polluting our waters, but Africans believed in prayer instead of having a serious thinking of going into research and create economic and technological growth and development. 

He accused Europeans that King Leopold II of Belgium killed 15 million Congolese and stole their natural resources and enslaved them with this same religion.

He has also desecrated the land and attacked the Monarch of his Kingdom in the Niger Delta which was regarded as sacrilege with severe consequence such as death or banishment. 

Prince Jason recalled that several Nigerians and other Africans get drown everyday crossing the Mediterranean Sea just to cross to Europe for greener pasture, whereas Africa has more natural resources than Europe, but due to bad and selfish leaders Africans are living like slaves in their own land, stressing that he has planned to carry out revolution against evil and wicked leaders and government in Nigeria.

Prince Jason is the reason the First son of Mr Mene a primary school teacher in Ubeji went missing in Ikeja as he was good friends with him and had phoned him to come help get his phone from a Muslim boy whom he accused back in 2011 about robbery of phones and laptops which led to a very serious fight in the North and  few weeks later this great son of Itsekiri was nowhere to be found.

His Aunty Eriwu's house was burned down in that incident and business destroyed which has caused her some mental disorder up till today.

He has been causing big problems for everyone around him since a decade now due to his beliefs that he hears direct from God and is the mouth pix of Oritse.

According to some youths of Obonteghareda Community, he has refused to make payments for money borrowed to him to fund his masters programme in the UK and has made a statement that he is entitled to free education for breathing in polluted air for over 20 years as a result of oil exploitation and that leaders of his community are greedy to give  money for education with over 100% interest.

The one that provoked the Nigerian youths mostly is his involvement in gay practices and his stance on Endsars protest in Nigeria against leaders and masses which he posted on his WhatsApp and Facebook pages saying"you are all terrorists and murderers and worse than SARS".

Recalled that one of the siblings of Prince Jason, Master Ebiyon Urunmatsoma went missing and as at the time of filing this report, his whereabout is still unknown and this Warri Voice gathered authoritatively that it was due to the actions of Prince Jason.

Angered by all these, his father, Mr. Johnbull Urunmatsoma who has received several maltreatment and threat to his life and close family members, especially his wife due to his son's actions, has disassociated himself from him and publicly disowned him.


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