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UTM Offshore Services Ltd, a foremost Community friendly Oil and Gas Company proudly owned by a renowned Itsekiri business tycoon, Mr. Julius Rone, OFR, popularly called “King of Gas” is set to hold a three days Oil and Gas Conference in the Oil rich City of Warri.



According to the invite, the conference is centered on the development of host communities in Delta State and the impact of the 2021 Petroleum Industry Act.



UTM Offshore Limited known for receiving numerous international and national awards for outstanding performance, is in partnership with the Delta State Government and a renowned Legal Practitioner, Dr. Akpo Mudiaga Odje to launch the three days epoch event.


Mr. Julius Rone, OFR


The event which will commence on the 18th of December through 20th of December, 2023 at Prena Centre 3, Ebike  Frank Omare Drive, along Airport Road, will be attended by the Governor of Delta State, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, other top Government Officials, Professionals in the Oil and Gas Industry and many more.




Sunday, November 12, 2023

NSC, Stakeholders task Delta Govt on Collaboration with Federal Agencies to Reactivate Moribund Koko Port

 NSC, Stakeholders task Delta Govt on Collaboration with Federal Agencies to Reactivate Moribund Koko Port


The Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) and other stakeholders have called on Delta State Government to collaborate with Federal agencies to establish a mechanism that would make the moribund Koko Port more operational thus decongesting consignment at the Apapa and Tincan Ports in Lagos.

This was one of the resolutions adopted by stakeholders at a one-day seminar organised in Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area by the Nigerian Shippers’ Council, Delta Port Office.

The resolutions were jointly signed by Nambol Emmanuel Nanle, Rep. Executive Secretary, NSC, Glory Onojedo, Director South-South Zone, NSC, Mr. David Odega, Port Officer NSC, Warri, Dr. Julius Obilor, Rep. Delta Port Manager; the President, Delta Shippers Association, Dr. Austin Egbegbadia and the President, Warri Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Francis Eruotor, among others.

According to the resolutions, participants at the seminar themed ‘Export of Agricultural Produce Through Koko Port: Issues and Prospects" noted that the Koko Port located in Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State is strategically positioned as a veritable port for shipment of cargo to and out of Eastern Port for patronage by local and foreign investors.

Consequently, they canvassed for "more awareness campaigns that the Eastern port should be encouraged by relevant government agencies".

In this regard, they resolved that a domestic warehouse should be established, without further delay, through a public private partnership in collaboration with the State Government for Cargo consolidation for export through the Koko Port.

According to the participants, the infrastructural improvement and development of Koko Port at this point in the economic life of the country would attract prospective local and foreign investors, "while this would have the multiple effects of creating employment opportunities, boost foreign exchange earnings, balance of trade and by extension promote regional economic growth".

While reiterating the issues and prospects of exporting agricultural produce through Koko Port, the stakeholders stressed the need to make the Koko Port fully operational soonest to tackle the challenges.

The resolutions read partly, "The Port industry plays a pivotal role in the economic growth and development of major economies of the world, the Koko Port is not an exception. To achieve this, stakeholders should be enlightened through seminars and workshops of its potentials in view to maximizing the benefits.

"The inclusivity of financial institutions as indispensable partners in the promotion of export trade facilitation cannot be overemphasized as this opens a window of opportunities for exporters in the state.

"The Government should be active partners in the rehabilitation of federal roads leading to the sea ports for ease of accessibility and other maritime infrastructures in the state.

"Exporters should collaborate with the relevant Government Agencies on the certification and specification of exportable Agricultural products in conformity with acceptable standards.

"Exporters and prospective exporters should register with the Nigerian Shippers’ Council and other Government Agencies to take advantage of the incentives and benefits contained therein in the exportation of their products".

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Itsekiri Born ‘King of Gas' Julius Rone, receives standing ovation as he shines in South Africa

 Itsekiri Born ‘King of Gas' Julius Rone, receives standing ovation as he shines in South Africa


Mr. Julius Rone, OFR

Topic: News

By Tetsoma Neyin 

Itsekiri Born ‘King of Gas' Julius Rone, receives standing ovation as he shines in South Africa

CEO of UTM offshore limited Julius Rone (OFR), popularly known as King of Gas, delved into the gas sector with  undiluted desire to effect a change in the Nigeria's economy. 


With his unwavering ascension to the top of energy industry's pole, Itsekiri born Rone, from the Niger Delta region has grown to be one of Africa's highly regarded entrepreneurs positively impacting the economic growth of the country. 


A driving force in the corporate landscape silently making landmark strides, due to his vast knowledge of the gas sector where he is top player, Rone is included in any discussion bordering on the industry. 


The Astute businessman once again displayed his dexterity at the Africa Energy week 2022 at Cape Town, South Africa, where he spoke extensively on Nigeria's capacity to rescue the continent from the shortage of gas production, held on Tuesday October 17, 2023.


He also explained that his Company work hand in hand with other Nigerian  Companies in the regard. 


His brilliance on the podium was met with a standing ovation and resounding applause from top energy executives in attendance from other part of the world.


Recall that the ‘King of Gas’ has received numerous global awards in recent times for his vast knowledge and expertise in the energy sector.



Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan 


The People’s Democratic Party Warri South LGA Chairmanship Aspirant,  Hon. Monoyo Edon has heartily congratulates the former Governor of Delta State and Political Godfather, His Excellency, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan as he clocks 69 years today Sunday October 22, 2023.


Speaking to Warri Voice Correspondent, Hon. Monoyo averred that the Celebrant is his mentor and godfather in the political space. 


On behalf of my family, I join your family, your political children and well wishers across the world in felicitating with you on this special occasion of your 69th birthday. 


I am proud to associate with you because you have made me better than who I was when you took me into your fold as both an Aide and a son some years ago.


Like fine wine, Deltans and indeed all those who are associated with you can attest to the fact that youre loved more now that youre out of office and become a senior citizen of our state and nation. 


Hon. Monoyo Edon

Thank you for all you have done and still doing for me and my family. 


May God grant you excellent health to keep seeing your Delta united and peaceful for prosperity,” he stated.




Monday, October 9, 2023

RE: Appeal For Fairness, Equity And Justice Over The Continuous Marginalisation Of People's Democratic Party Members Of Urhobos of Warri in the Elective and Appointive Offices In Warri South Local Government Council

RE: Appeal For Fairness, Equity And Justice Over The Continuous Marginalisation Of People's Democratic Party Members Of Urhobos of Warri in the Elective and Appointive Offices In Warri South Local Government Council

The attention of the Warri South Itsekiri PDP Political Forum (WSIPPF) has been drawn to an open letter dated 2nd of October 2023 in the Pointer Newspaper to the Executive Governor of Delta State; His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Francis Oborevwori, alleging gross marginalization of the Urhobos of Warri in the politics of Warri South. 

Ordinarily, we would not have bothered to join issues with the authors of that cocktail of lies but in a bid not to allow some ethnic jingoists hide under our party umbrella to disinform our Governor and the unsuspecting general public, we are constrained to respond as follows:

Your Excellency, for a better appreciation of the sinister intentions of the authors of the said publication and accordingly, properly situate them, an honest characterisation of these persons and their political antecedents in the course of our political development as a party since 1999 have become inevitable.

The leader of the group, Rev. David Otefia is from Warri South Ward 12 (Okumagba II), a ward the PDP has never won since 1999. 

The Deputy Leader, Chief Vincent Okudolor who is notorious for political prostitution and instability in our great party, the PDP is from Warri South Ward 7 (Okere), a Ward the PDP has also never won since 1999.

Chief Femi Okumagba is from Warri South Ward 11 (Okumagba I), a ward the PDP wins. However, Chief Okumagba always loses his unit to the opposition since 1999.

Your Excellency, It is a common knowledge that for every election year, their stock-in-trade is always to keep their physical bodies in the PDP and their souls in another political party of their ethnic interest. So that when they lose out, their political acrobatics will be activated to whip up sentiments in order to reap where they always do not sow. Since every election is localised and the results usually in the public domain, no one will be happy to fight to win his polling unit, ward and Constituency and allow those who happily give theirs away to come and superintend over what they did not contribute to its success. Or have they forgotten that it is no longer monkey dey work baboon dey chop in modern politics?

This drama will be more interesting if the authors of this publication can do another publication deploying same energy and zeal to publish the results of their various wards and polling units in the last 2023 general elections to enable the leadership of our great party see how retrogressively they had navigated the course of our great party for self-centered interests, which invariably has led to our loss of Warri South Constituency II -a full state Constituency to the opposition, APC. 

This aforementioned fact effectively negates another falsehood in their publication where it was claimed that they own Oteghele and Ukpokiti. The said settlements are in Omadino land in Ward 1 (Obodo/Omadino).

Your Excellency, In Warri South, prior to 1999, the political philosophy was winner-takes-all. The Itsekiris occupied the Chairmanship, Vice-Chairmanship, Leader of Legislative Arm and every other political position in the LGA. In fact, the Constituency II, they are surprisingly laying claim to was first occupied by Hon. Jackson Omatsola, an Itsekiri. This goes without saying that Constituency II does not belong to the Urhobos of Warri.

The Urhobos approached us for inclusion and  thanks to the magnanimity of our leaders, they have had a fair shot at every appointive or elective positions in Warri South but since the authors of the publication have by themselves arrogated 85% of the population of Warri South to the Urhobos of Warri, we have resolved to return to status quo. Let the Urhobos of Warri test the popularity and population they have been boasting of recently in the coming elections. It is unfair enough that they continue to enjoy our magnanimity while politically suffocating on our communities in Delta Central.

Below is how the 12 Wards faired in the last election:

Warri South 2023 Governorship Election Results:

Ward 1 (Obodo/Omadino)

PDP - 1235

APC - 542

LP    -  07

Ward 2 (Ode-Itsekiri)

PDP - 2701

APC - 1604

LP    - 42

Ward 3 (Ogunu/Ekurede Urhobo)

PDP - 761

APC - 658

LP    - 328

Ward 4 (Ugbuwangue/Ekurede Itsekiri)

PDP - 1639

APC - 897

LP    -  296

Ward 5 (G.R.A) 

PDP - 1013

APC - 869

LP    - 301

Ward 6 (Bowen)

PDP - 3083

APC - 779

LP    - 206

Ward 7 (Pessu)

PDP - 602

APC - 555

LP    - 125

Ward 8 (Okere)

PDP - 878

APC - 1187

LP    - 451

Ward 9 (Igbudu)

PDP - 922

APC - 1417

Ward 10 (Edjeba)

PDP - 505

APC - 552

LP    - 

Ward 11 (Okumagba I)

PDP - 1134

APC - 886

LP    - 410

Ward 12 (Okumagba II)

PDP - 882

APC - 1557

LP    -  07

Final Total:

PDP = 15,299

APC = 11,503

LP = 2,173

Your Excellency, from a careful analysis of the above result, it is very obvious that the bulk of the votes the PDP got from Warri South came from Itsekiri areas. PDP only won Chief Femi Okumagba Ward in all the Urhobo areas. This is because bulk of the votes with which our party won in that Okumagba I came from the Itsekiri dorminated areas. Besides Okumagba 11, the PDP has not won the Urhobo Areas in previous elections. Yet, they are the first to ask for the dividends of politics.

They stated in paragraph 4 of the publication that, “No matter how minuscule the population of a people appears, as long as their unique identity is recognized by the laws of the land,

they are entitled to a proportionate share of all that accrues to their Constituency or local government” 

Sir, their claim that “Warri South LGA is the only Council where the practice of fairness and acceptable mechanism of sharing of political offices are resisted and jettisoned” is a deliberate misrepresentation of fact. There are Urhobos in Patani and Burutu LGAs but they do not enjoy the political privileges and brotherliness they enjoy in Warri South.

The Itsekiri PDP leaders in Warri South have always been magnanimous to the Urhobo communities of Warri South since 1999. For instance, the Vice Chairman of Warri South LGA is Urhobo, the leader of the Legislative Arm is Urhobo, the member representing Warri South Constituency II in the Delta State House of Assembly is Urhobo and they are several committees set up by the Council chairman and headed by the Urhobos.

Their selective truism in Paragraph 4 above does not apply to other ethnic groups living  amongst them in Delta Central. For example, There are sizable Itsekiri communities in Uvwie, Udu, Ethiope West and East, Sapele and Okpe LGAs. The Itsekiris there have not aspired to the Vice Chairmanship seat of any of the aforementioned LGAs let alone become the leader of Legislative Arms of those LGAs. In fact, Itsekiri communities are not only starved of political divivends, they are also starved of social and basic amenities as there are many instances of oppression and marginalization against the Itsekiris in Delta Central -where the Urhobos of Warri migrated from. They are not aborigines of Warri South. Despite not always voting for the PDP, the Urhobos of Warri have held the Commissioner Slot of Warri South twice and also the LGA chairmanship of the Council. There is no LGA in Delta Central where the Itsekiris are shown this level of magnanimity.

Your Excellency, this unsubstantiated claim of our Urhobo neighbors of Warri South that they are more than the Itsekiris has always caused tension in the local government. 

On the contrary, it is the Itsekiris in the PDP who have sufffered the biggest political injustice in the history of our state.

Warri South Local Government has 10 legal electoral wards that were the basis upon which elections were conducted until recently, INEC, arbitrarily started using an illegal 12 wards even amidst relevant court judgements that are in favour of the 10 wards. Despite several protestations from the Itsekiris, INEC still uses this arbitrary 12 Wards structure.

Your Excellency, In the 10 legal ward structure recognized by relevant court judgements, the Itsekiri has over eighty percent of the wards namely; 1. Obodo 2. Ode-Itsekiri 3. Ubeji 4. Ekurede 5. Pessu 6. Esisi 7. Bowen 8. Okere and parts of Igbudu ward as against the non-Itsekiri ward, Avenue.  In the illegal twelve wards nullified by the said Appeal Court Judgement, the Obodo/Omadino and Ubeji wards - two separate wards in Itsekiri areas (like others) in the 10 wards were merged as one ward in the illegal 12 ward structure while the Avenue and Igbudu wards were multiplied to produce 6 wards. In this twelve wards, the over  eight Itsekiri-dominated wards above were compressed to 6 viz; 1. Obodo/Omadino/Ubeji 2. Ode-Itsekiri 3. Ugbuwangue/Ekurede Itsekiri 4. Okere 5. Pessu 6. GRA and the not up to two non-Itsekiri wards multiplied to produce 6 viz; 1. Okumagba I 2. Okumagba II 3. Igbudu 4. Edjeba 5. Ogunu/Ekurede Urhobo 6. Bowen.

Ukodo, we are a people of magnanimity and peace as we have demonstrated to our Urhobo neighbors over the years. However, we cannot continue to spite our faces to please our Oliver Twist neighbors. Since the Urhobos of Warri have claimed that they form 85% of the people of Warri metropolis, henceforth, let them subject themselves to democratic principles. Let the winner take all the appointments and political dividends. “He who wants to come to equity must come with clean hands”.


1. Buwaghan Dere Jarikpe

2. Emma Nunu

3. Ogbe Eke 

4. Monoyo Edon

5. Izuagie A Ofoyeju 

6. Igben Sunny Bodor

7. Richard Pessu

8. Clement Ebiekutan

Fix Warri-Benin Roads to save lives - Ereyitomi urges Federal Government

 Fix Warri-Benin Roads to save lives - Ereyitomi urges Federal Government 

Chief (Dr.) Thomas Ereyitomi


By Tetsoma Neyin:

The member representing Warri Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Chief (Dr.) Thomas Ereyitomi, has called on the Federal Government to urgently fix the dilapidated Warri-Benin highway which has caused the deaths of so many lives in recent times.

Chief Ereyitomi made the call on Wednesday October 4, while moving a motion of urgent public importance, in-line with Standing Order Eight, Rule 4 of the House of Representatives.


The motion, was reportedly “co-moved” by the Member Representing Orhionwon/Uhunmwode Federal Constituency of Edo State, Hon. Dr. Billy F.


Chief Ereyitomi, stressed the need for the National Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, to immediately send relief materials to affected victims and settle medical bills of those hospitalized after the tanker explosion.


The Federal Lawmaker, recalled how the fuel tanker explosion at Koko Junction in Delta State, on Sunday October 1, “claimed over twenty lives”, including children and women.

He urged the Federal Government to expedite action on the rehabilitation of the Warri-Benin highway and other federal roads around the Country with a view to forestalling future occurrence.

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Ogiame restores dignity, integrity to Iwere Women - Olori Atuwatse III declares

 Ogiame restores dignity, integrity to Iwere Women - Olori Atuwatse III declares 


Olori Atuwatse III 

Ogiame restores dignity, integrity to Iwere Women - Olori Atuwatse III declares 

By Tetsoma Neyin:



Pioneer and Founder of Olori and Aya-Ojoye Iwere Women Prayer Network, Olori Atuwatse III joyfully declared that Ogiame Atuwatse III, CFR, the Olu of Warri has restored dignity, integrity and position back to Iwere Women during these two years of his reign on the throne.

Olori Atuwatse III made the declaration during the prayer conference held quarterly by Iwere Women where they gathered to intercede for the king and Warri kingdom.


“Ogiame opened the way to show that women matters. He partnered with God to restore dignity, integrity and position to women in Iwereland. What Baba did was not just an act of kindness, it was a prophetic act”, She stated.


L-R: Bishop Adeleleji, Bishop (Mrs.) Juliet Olley, Olori Atuwatse III & Chief Yemi Omatseye 

Her Majesty, Olori Atuwatse III admonished the women to reverence their husbands at all times as captured in 1 Peter chapter 3 verse 1.


“My husband is my lord and master after God. As we come together to pray as labourers in God’s vineyard, let us remember our role. Let us not stop praying for Warri kingdom, our King and those that surrounds him because God has called Warri kingdom His gate.


“What if, it is through Warri kingdom, Nigeria and Africa will be delivered? I encourage you all to continue to pray collectively and individually for the progress of Warri kingdom as you all are the Sarah in the future of Itsekiri nation”,  She averred.


The queen Consort appreciated Bishop (Mrs.) Juliet Olley for gathering the women of Iwereland together, stating that “God has blessed me with a wonderful support system and Chief Omatseye is one of them”.


Earlier in her speech, Coordinator of the prayer network, Bishop (Mrs.) Juliet Olley thanked God Almighty for the vision which has brought light and prosperity to Iwereland.


Bishop Olley averred: “God has given Warri kingdom Abraham, in the person of Ogiame Atuwatse III CFR and Sarah, in the person of Olori Atuwatse III to lead Warri kingdom to the promised land. As Iwere women, our duty is to stand in the gap in prayers for our king and throne”.


Warri Voice Newspaper can state categorically that the Programme was centered on series of prayers for the land.

Monday, October 2, 2023

DESOPADEC holds Roundtable dialogue in 3 Warri LGAs, Proposes 40% Community involvement on Projects execution

 DESOPADEC holds Roundtable dialogue in 3 Warri LGAs, proposes 40% Community involvement in projects execution 



By Tetsoma Neyin 

DESOPADEC holds Roundtable dialogue in 3 Warri LGAs, proposes 40% Community involvement in projects execution 

The Board of Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, DESOPADEC in a round table dialogue with Stakeholders in Warri South, Warri North, and Warri South-West Local Government Areas has projected 40% community involvement of projects execution for checks and balances of Contractors so as to eradicate projects abandonment.



The Board revealed that the nonchalant attitude of indigenes of Itsekiri Communities and that of contractors, who received payment from the Commission without executing the jobs, are factors responsible for the abandonment of DESOPADEC projects in Itsekiri Communities. 


Speaking at the well attended meeting held recently in the three Warri Local Government Areas, Executive Director, Planning, Research and Statistics in DESOPADEC, Hon. Nicholas Efele, said that, on a random assessment of Itsekiri communities, they saw how some of the contractors engaged by the Commission get enough payment, but do not complete their jobs, saying that some Itsekiri communities do not have anything to create jobs for themselves.


“We discovered that there are lots of rural to urban migration of our people. We need to look for ways to encourage urban to rural migration as we will embark subsequently on advocacy programs,” he stated.


Hon. Efele, averred that the Hon. John Nani led Board of DESOPADEC, resolved to put measures in place that would put an end to abandonment of projects in Itsekiri communities.



“Each project in our areas (Itsekiri communities) will be supervised by the host community, if the project fails, it is because that community allowed it to fail.


“We will reduce communication gap between the community people and Board members through the use of technology.

“Checks and balances, will be put in place to ensure that no contractor will collect money without executing the job.


“Every contractor must show capacity that they can do the job, before it will be awarded to them.


“We are going to create a system, where jobs given to any contractor, will be seen by stakeholders in the community and allow the community to report directly to the board members”, he opined.


The ED, Planning, Research and Statistics, added that DESOPADEC in consultation with community stakeholders, will create agricultural economic hubs in the rural communities, for the production of palm oil and rice in commercial quantity. 


He opined: “If we do not develop our communities with the opportunity given to us through DESOPADEC, we may regret it, because we cannot guarantee the uncertainties surrounding crude oil as a natural resource in our area.”


Speaking earlier, the Commissioner representing Itsekiri Ethnic Nationality in the Board of DESOPADEC, Hon. Sunny Ofe, assured that the Commission, was committed to engaging the communities, through economic and infrastructural development. 


Hon. Ofe, said the Commission will dedicate 40 percent of its budget estimate for Itsekiri Nation, for completion of ongoing projects and 60 percent for execution of new projects.


He enjoined youths in Itsekiri communities, to stop the collection of development levies “deve” so as not to discourage contractors from executing projects in their communities. 


The Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III (CFR) represented by Chief Billy Besigiwa, Chairman of Warri South Local Government Area, Dr. Michael Tidi, who was represented by Secretary to Warri South Local Government, Mr. Joseph Oribioye as well as Chairmen and Secretaries of various Itsekiri communities, were among stakeholders present at the meeting.


High point of the meeting was the questions and answers session where Stakeholders and community representatives were given the opportunity to asked questions bordering on projects abandonment, execution and way forward.


Saturday, September 23, 2023

Julius Rone wins Business Day Bulls Award


Julius Rone wins Business Day Bulls Award


Julius Rone, OFR

Group Managing Director of UTM FLNG Julius Rone(OFR), the famous Itsekiri business magnet, popularly called “The Gas King,” has yet again been honoured by Business Day as he won The Next Bulls Award for the year 2023.


The prestigious award which was in recognition of his market leadership and pacesetting innovation in the oil and gas sector and also for his ingenuity, was bestowed on him Sunday September 17, 2023.


The influential Itsekiri businessman was among other notable and influential Nigeria business magnates who received a presidential invitation to accompanied President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to New Delhi, India for India-Nigeria Business Roundtable.


Those in the know disclosed that the Itsekiri-born Rone from the Niger Delta Region, is an asset to Nigeria as he is among top Nigerian businessmen currently attending the 78th United Nations General Assembly.






Friday, September 15, 2023

Delta Celebrates 100 Days of Development in office as other States celebrates Positions - Says Isaac Bojoh, Congratulates Oborevwori


Delta Celebrates 100 Days of Development in office as other States celebrates Positions - Says Isaac Bojoh, Congratulates Oborevwori

Founder and CEO of Hotel Ten45, Hon. Isaac Bawo Bojoh has congratulated the amiable Governor of Delta State, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori on his 100 days in office.


According to him, Governor Oborevwori’s “More Agenda” is being felt in the State within a short period of time.


Your Excellency Sir, your speech on the day of the inauguration of the Delta State Commissioners into office confirmed your More Agenda for the good people of Delta State.


“I observed that other States are celebrating positions in less than 100 days in office while Deltans are celebrating development.


And on that note I want to quickly draw the attention of all Deltans /Traditional Rulers/ Community Leaders and Youths of the State to join hands and work with His Excellency Rt. Hon Sheriff Obovrewori so those centered around the More Agenda will continue to celebrate success in our State.


Thank you your Excellency and may God Almighty continue to protect you, give you the strength and wisdom of king Solomon to pilot the affairs of the State.

Thanks and once again God Bless you Sir,” he stated.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

BREAKING NEWS: Tribunal Declares Rerun Between Ejele, Onowakpo, In Warri South


BREAKING NEWS: Tribunal Declares Rerun Between Ejele, Onowakpo, In Warri South 


The National and State House of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Asaba, the Delta State capital, has declared rerun in areas where the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), cancelled elections particularly in the Warri axis of the State.

It would be recall that the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Michael Diden dragged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) before the National and State Houses of Assembly Election Tribunal in Asaba, Delta State over the Delta South senatorial district election.

Specifically, Honourable Diden and his party, the PDP, in their petition marked EPT/DT/SEN/ 01/2023, are asking the tribunal to void INEC’s declaration of candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Mr Ewomazino Thomas Joel-Onowakpo as Senator-elect.


They predicated their request on the grounds that Joel-Onowakpo, “was not duly elected by majority of lawful votes cast at the election” and the his election “was invalid by reason of non-compliance with the provisions of the Electoral Act, 2022.”

In the petition dated and filed on March 17, 2023 by their team of lawyers led by Chief Ayo Asala, SAN, the petitioners amongst others are seeking an order of the tribunal, “collating the results of the election conducted in Warri South Local Government Area to the lawful votes recorded in favour of the parties and declare the winner of the election based on the collation.”

Prof. Anthony Peretimina, Returning Officer for Delta South Senatorial Election had last month announced the APC’s candidate as winner of the Delta South Senatorial poll having scored a total of 49, 955 votes cast at the election.

The returning officer had also announced PDP’s candidate as 1st runners up having polled a total of 47, 656 votes cast at the election.

But, the petitioners faulted the Returning Officer for not complying with provisions of the Electoral Act, 2022, and the extant Regulations, Guidelines and Manual for Election Officials in the collation and declaration of the final results in the senatorial

According to them, election was held in all the eight LGAs consisting of the Delta South Senatorial District, but INEC refused to include results from Warri South LGA in its final computation of results and subsequent declaration of the APC as winner of the senatorial election in the district.

The petitioners claimed that the action of INEC despite protest from petitioners’ agents amounted to a breach of the Electoral Act, 2022 and INEC’s Regulations and Guidelines.

While stating that the LG Collation/Retuning Officer have no power to cancel and/or exclude any results validly declared at the polling unit level, they submitted that the decision to cancel results in Ward 06-Bowen and excluding lawful votes from the entire Warri South Local Government Area was contrary to relevant laws guiding the conduct of the election.

The petitioners claimed that results of contestants in the 11 wards in Warri South Local Government Area based on collation from form EC8B (1) revealed that APC polled 3,057 votes; PDP – 10,610 and the other political parties – 9,357.

“The petitioners shall contend at the hearing that after the collation of the valid votes from Warri South Local Government Area which was unlawfully excluded from the computation of the final result by the 1st Respondent, the petitioners scored a majority valid votes of 58,266 as against the 2nd Respondent’s valid votes of 53,012 and that having scored the majority of the valid and lawful votes cast at the said elections, the 1st petitioner is the winner of the said election and duly elected and returned as the Senator representing Delta South Senatorial District in the National Assembly.”


In further faulting the return of Joel-Onowakpo, the petitioners while observing that the margin of lead between the two leading candidates was 2,299, argued that, where the margin of lead between the two leading candidates in an election is NOT in excess of the total number of collected Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) in polling units where elections are not held or cancelled, the Returning Officer shall decline to make a return until polls have taken place in the affected polling units and results collated into the relevant forms for Declaration and Return.

According to the petition, the total number of registered voters in Warri South Local Government Area where INEC claimed that the total election conducted therein were cancelled and therefore not collated for the purpose of final declaration was 187,140, while the total numbers of collected Permanent Voters Card (PVC) from Warri South Local Government Area where election did not hold and/or was cancelled is 162,082.

The petitioners averred that from the margin of lead between the 1st Petitioner and the 2nd Respondent, which is 2,299, it is very clear that the numbers of registered voters and/or numbers of collected Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) from Warri South Local Government Area exceeded the margin of lead between the 1st Petitioner and the 2nd Respondent.

The petitioners therefore prayed the tribunal to declare that the 2nd Respondent was not duly elected or returned by the majority of lawful votes cast at the senatorial election

“A declaration that the decision of the 1st Respondent to cancel and exclude the result of the election duly conducted in Warri South Local Government Area, being one of the eight (8) Local Government Areas making up Delta South Senatorial District, is wrongful and constitute substantial non-compliance with the mandatory provisions of the Electoral Act, 2022.”

They, among others, urged that the tribunal in the Alternative declare the election inconclusive and order for a supplementary election to be held in Warri South Local Government Area, where election did not hold and/or cancelled.



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