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Thanks for keeping your promise - Ugbajo Itsekiri UK tells Olu of Warri, talks on dev’t of Iwereland


Thanks for keeping your promise - Ugbajo Itsekiri UK tells Olu of Warri, talks on dev’t of Iwereland


Itsekiris in the United Kingdom, under the aegis of Ugbajo Itsekiri UK, adorned in their cultural attire, on Saturday July 292023 rolled out the drums to welcome His Majesty, Ogiame Atuwatse 111, the Olu of Warri to a royal cultural display to the admiration of guests.


Olu of Warri in its bid to attract foreign direct investment through diaspora to Iwereland was able to achieve another milestone during the Ugbajo Itsekiri UK 10th Gala and Charity Nite held at the Brent Civic Centre, Engineer Way Wembley Park Wembley, United Kingdom.


The colourful event with the theme, “The Role of Diaspora Community in Strategic Health and Education Development in Rural Community” also had in attendance senior Palace Chiefs, friends of Itsekiris as different cultural troupe and associations took turns to perform as they present gifts to the Monarch which was received by Chief Brown Mene on behalf of His Majesty.


President of Ugbajo Itsekiri UK, Mr. Mejebi Eyewuoma giving his speech 

Olu of Warri in his brief remark flanked by his wife, the Queen Consort of Warri Kingdom, Her Highness, Olori Atuwatse III and Chief Oma Eyewuoma, the Ologbotsere of Warri Kingdom, Chief Brown Mene and other Palace chiefs urged Itsekiris in the diaspora to bring to bear their expertise, connection and network to the development and economic advancement of Iwereland adding that the unity behind the crown outweighs distraction of the few.


“I know it has been interesting in the last two years and God is definitely in the midst of us and He is guiding us. I want to say Itsekiri must be focused, let us not give in to sentiment.


We welcome every single Itsekiris that has a heart; a desire to see the people fulfill its potentials. As far as Itsekiris are concernedOgiame has no enemy, let us rid ourselves of made-up sentiment and unites”. He stated.


On his part, the President, Ugbajo Itsekiri UK, Mr Majebi Eyewuoma in his speech stressed the need for all Itsekiri to guided by the popular acronym PCTAD, Proactivity, Cost effectiveness, Transparency, Accountability and Delivery.


“There is no doubt that we all understand that we need to support our communities back home, either in education or in health, we believe that the diaspora community can contribute to the development of our communities.

“We are very grateful and elated to have Ogiame and Olori Atuwatse III attend this year’s gala nite event. Truly, our King is “Afomasin” He promised to attend the occasion when we paid him a courtesy visit few months back.


Ogiame, your presence in our midst, has brought a renewed hope of a better Warri Kingdom and we as an Association, will stand by your true policies of development in Iwereland.”



Thursday, July 27, 2023

We will not tolerate media attacks on Olu of Warri - Itsekiri Renaissance Group warns


We will not tolerate media attacks on Olu of Warri - Itsekiri Renaissance Group warns 


The Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III, CFR 


By Tetsoma Neyin 

We will not tolerate media attacks on Olu of Warri - Itsekiri Renaissance Group warns 

The Itsekiri Renaissance Group, a proactive Itsekiri Organisation made up of high profile Itsekiri Professionals has declared that the Body will no longer tolerate any attacks on the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III, CFR on social media by some aggressive Itsekiris.


The group urged aggrieved parties among the Itsekiri ethnic nationality to come to the table with the Monarch, Ogiame Atuwatse III, instead of embarking on media attack, which  does not portray a good image of Itsekiri people known for their high reverence for their King and throne to the outside world.


In a statement by the Chairman of its Media Committee, Mr. Patrick H. Doyle, made available to Warri Voice Newspaper on Thursday July 27, 2023, the group noted that the media attacks amounted to making a storm out of a tea cup.


The statement reads: “The Itsekiri Renaissance Group is constrained to react to the alarmingly sensational story with the dramatic headline: Royal Rumble in Warri: Olu, Itsekiri Honeymoon Over.

“To be clear, we are a collection of notable Itsekiri professionals from practically every field of human endeavor, both at home and abroad, and our allegiance is to the Itsekiri crown, which today is represented by Ogiame Atuwatse III. 

“That said, our understanding of the ‘manufactured crisis’ purportedly ‘rocking the kingdom’ is untainted by sentiments or any hidden nefarious agenda. We are savvy enough to know that when an article contains quotes like:


“Two years later, he sits precariously on the throne’ and ‘To some, he seems more of a fashion model than a monarch’… it is a badly disguised hack job commissioned by desperate elements shamelessly fighting against their fast waning relevance within the Itsekiri Kingdom.


The lack of balance of the article and the shamelessly biased slant of the entire piece does the editorial integrity of The Nation Newspaper no favours.


“The simple truth is that no Itsekiri monarch in living memory has evoked the measure of fascination and goodwill that Ogiame Atuwatse III has commanded since his magnificent coronation.


“While the orchestrated campaign of calumny against his ascension to the throne may make for sensational media content to undiscerning non-Itsekiris, the only thing that resonates with the vast majority of Itsekiris in Warri and across the globe is the inspiring breath of fresh air that Ogiame Atuwatse III represents for the kingdom.


“We, therefore, appeal to peace-loving Itsekiris and loyal subjects of His Majesty, our king, not to take the bait that these incendiary media provocations represent to pollute the atmosphere of renewed hope that Ogiame Atuwatse III’s ascension to the throne heralds.


“In the same vein, we are calling on the very few search among us who have been misguided and have bought into the vile narrative of the discredited criminal political elite to retrace their steps.


“As a group, we endorse the invitation of His Majesty to the ‘aggrieved parties’ behind this unfortunate spate of media blackmail to come to the table of resolution and articulate their angst. We can assure them that Ogiame has the divine sagacity to resolve their misgivings, whatever they may be.


“Iwere Land is at the cusp of a glorious era, especially under the current political dispensation, and nothing should jeopardise this auspicious moment in our collective history. “Long live our king, long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”



Friday, July 21, 2023



The Warri North Chapter of the Itsekiri National Youths Council (INYC), has outrightly condemned the Press release credited to the Egbema Integrity Group (EIG) Area accusing Governor Sheriff Oborevwori of marginalization by not appointing an Egbema Ijaw as Commissioner.

The group in a Press release made available to journalists in the morning of Friday, July 21, 2023 stated categorically that EIG mirrors the ingratitude and greed associated with some sections of the Egbema Ijaws of Warri North who are hellbent to cause disaffection between the Ijaws and Itsekiris of Warri North. The INYC accused the leader of the Egbema Integrity Group of only trying to be clever by half by not mentioning in his publication that the Chairman of Warri North LGA is an Egbema man despite the fact that they have four federal wards as opposed to the six federal Wards of Warri North Itsekiris.

"The Chairman of the Egbema Integrity Group is either deliberately trying to stoke up ethnic tension in Warri North or is completely ignorant of the politics of Warri North. This same group has been hiding under faceless online medium to be blackmailing our father and leader -H.E Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, CON for not stepping down his daughter from becoming Commissioner-Designate. This is the same man who made Hon. Joel Bisina, an Egbema man commissioner when he was Governor of Delta State.

The INYC went further to school the Egbema Integrity Group on the politics of Warri. 

The Egbema people have enjoyed juicy positions in Delta State Government at the expense of the liberal Itsekiri people who occupied a larger landmass in Warri North LGA. 

Until recently, the Ijaws produced both Senator and Deputy Governor in one political dispensation at the expense of the Itsekiris and Isokos. An Ijaw man, Hon. Emomotimi Guwor from Warri South West LGA  is Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly. This is a Local Government where the Ijaws have four Federal Wards as against six of the Warri South West Itsekiris. An Ijaw daughter, an Egbema indigene is the Principal Secretary to the Delta State Government. What more can they ask for?"

"If there is any ethnic group that should cry of marginalization by the Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s administration, it should be the Itsekiris in spite of all the votes and support he got from our areas during the last gubernatorial election.

The Warri North youths advised Governor Oborevwori not to pay attention to the false claims and blackmail from the Egbema Integrity Group stating that the Egbema people will disown the group if Itsekiri youths take the surreptitious threat seriously. They also advised the Egbema Integrity Group to concern themselves with issues and programs that will unite both ethnic groups in Warri North rather than employ ethnic shenanigans to divide the good people of Warri North.

Comr. Godwin Okome, 

Chapter Chairman, Warri North INYC

Comr. Felix Amatoritsenero,

Chapter Secretary, Warri North INYC





In a major step towards bolstering Nigeria's energy security and promoting the utilization of its abundant gas resources, the NNPC Ltd. and UTM Offshore Limited have signed a Heads of Terms (HoT) agreement for the construction of the nation's first indigenous Floating LNG project on Thursday July 20, 2023 in Abuja.


Describing the Floating LNG project as a "must-do" initiative for Nigeria, the NNPC Ltd. GCEO, Mele Kyari, OFR, expressed the company’s readiness to secure gas feedstock towards the project.


Speaking at the occasion, the Group Managing Director, UTM Offshore Ltd., Itsekiri-Born Julius Rone, popularly called “Gas King” expressed his delight at the partnership with NNPC Ltd., stating that this milestone achievement showcased the capability of indigenous companies to collaborate with world-class energy conglomerates to drive growth in Nigeria's energy sector.


He further explained that apart from significantly cutting down on gas flaring and supporting the country's commitment to reducing carbon emissions, the project would also create over 7,000 job opportunities, contributing to the nation's economic growth and development.


In his remarks, NNPC Ltd.s Executive Vice President, Gas, Power & New Energy, Mohammed Abdulkabir Ahmed, said the project aligned perfectly with NNPC Ltd.s goals of ensuring energy availability, affordability, and sustainability while also generating revenue through exports.





Monday, July 17, 2023



Hon. Evang. Micheal Diden alias Ejele 

The present Political situation in Itsekiri Nation is where those who did not go to farm wants to collect every dividend of the farm. Nevertheless, I am very optimistic that Sheriff Oborevwori's government will favour Itsekiris. We should stay calm; the drama is just for a while 

*   Appeals to the Olu of Warri to re-instate Ayiri Emami as Ologbotsere of Warri Kingdom

* Urges Chief Eyewuoma to denounce his Ologbotsere title 

By: Tetsoma Neyin

In this interview with the PDP Senatorial Candidate in the just concluded 2023 general elections, who is also an Elder Statesman of PDP and a descendant of Iye royal house of Warri kingdom, Evang. Prince Micheal Diden popularly called Ejele, speaks extensively on the recent disrobement of Ayiri Emami as Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom by the Olu of Warri as well as the current political position of Itsekiris in Delta State.

On the recent issue as regard the disrobement of Ayiri Emami as Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom, what is your reaction. 

As a true and genuine Itsekiri man from Iye descendant, I have never seen anywhere from the day of my birth and before I was born of every history, I have read in Itsekiri land where the Ologbotsere while still alive has been dethroned or replaced by any Olu of Warri. We all remembered the issue between Ogiame Atuwatse II and Chief O.N. Rewane, the Ologbotsere at that time. That problem was stronger than the present situation of today. Yet, O.N. Rewane retained his position as the Ologbotsere until his death. That is how it should have been, not the other way round. In my eyes, Ayiri Emami is still the Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom. I want any Itsekiri man to prove me wrong so that I can know more of Itsekiri history.


The steps taken by Ayiri Emami against the throne, will you say it is the right decision, given the fact that he is a man of culture and tradition.   

In situations of war, every man needs to defend himself. So, I do not blame Ayiri for defending himself. According to Herbert Macaulay, a man that cannot defend himself is not fit to live.


As an Elder Stateman in Warri kingdom, what steps have you taken to ensure that there is peace and unity between Ayiri and the throne 

If God Almighty who created us can repent of His deeds and give us another chance, I think the Olu of Warri can do likewise. I have met with the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III and appealed to him to allow the sleeping dog lie by allowing Ayiri to retain his position as the Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom.


Given the fact that Warri kingdom now has a new Ologbotsere, Chief Oma Eyewuoma, what is your reaction.

You cannot call a usurper the owner of a property. So, I will advise him for the sake of Itsekiri Nation, to denounce that title. Two men cannot be Governor at the same time.

What can you say concerning the current dwindling political positioning of Itsekiris in Oborevwori's government, being a Chieftain of the ruling party, PDP.

The present political situation in Iwere nation is likened to a scenario where people who did not go to farm wants to collect every dividend of the farm.

Governor Sheriff has people who supported him from the beginning in Itsekiri land. Some sets came to join him after PDP primaries. Some came after his victory at the supreme court. And lastly, those who were begged to come and support the Governor. Now, those who were begged to support the Governor, those who came to support him after primaries and those who came to join him after his supreme court victory, now want to overthrow people that started with the Governor from the scratch, which is not possible.


What is the way forward. Is there still hope for Itsekiris in this present government.

I am very optimistic that Sheriff Obovrewori's government will favour Itsekiris. We should stay calm, the drama is just for a while.





Friday, July 14, 2023






The Itsekiri Renaissance Group notes with utter consternation the concerted blackmail plot by a clique of individuals who feel threatened by the new sense of Itsekiri nationalism engendered by the coronation of our beloved King, Ogiame Atuwatse III (CFR). More precisely,  we are astounded by the tone and blatant lies contained in a vile document purportedly emanating from a shadowy group calling themselves "Iwere Consultative Forum." 


The glaring contradictions and the acrobatic liberty taken with logic and decency make the document unworthy of intellectual engagement, hence our decision not to dignify it with a point for point rebuttal. 


However, the Itsekiri Renaissance Group wishes to restate our unalloyed loyalty to the Itsekiri People, Land , and Crown as symbolised in the person of Ogiame Atuwatse III (CFR).                   Our stance is indeed representative of the wishes of all true sons and daughters of Iwere Land.


The misguided and ill motivated minority who have lent themselves to the actualization of the retrogressive agenda of their mischievous puppet master had better retrace their steps. 


The convergence of providence and the emergence of a seemingly pro Itsekiri central  administration demands that Oma Iwere  come together to ventilate and articulate our common aspirations that transcend the nefarious agenda of the band of carpet baggers who have held Itsekiri political leadership hostage for some decades now. 


As the foremost ethnicity to embrace the Christian faith, we are consoled in the scripture that declares in Proverbs 19:21 "There are many devices in a man's heart; nevertheless the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand".




Patrick H. Doyle 

Chairman, Media Committee 

Itsekiri Renaissance Group

Sunday, July 9, 2023

There must be peace in our land - Iwere Women Prayer Network

 There must be peace in our land - Iwere Women Prayer Network

Olori Atuwatse III

Iwere women Prayer Network has declared that there must be peace in Warri kingdom.


They made the declaration during a one day prayer marathon held in Warri on Wednesday July 5, 2023.


The women who came out enmasse to pray for peace and progress in Iwere land, matched round some targeted areas within the Olu's Palace axis and Ajamimogha praying earnestly for God's intervention in Warri kingdom.


Coordinator of the Programme, Bishop (Mrs.) Juliet Olley flanked by Wife of Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom, Mrs. Caroline Eyewuoma(left), Mrs. Patience Omolubi Newuwumi(right) & other Iwere Women during the marathon prayers 

Speaking on behalf of the pioneer of Iwere Women Prayer Network, Olori Atuwatse III, Coordinator of the programme, Bishop (Mrs.) Juliet Olley thanked the women for finding time to pray for the growth and development of Warri kingdom, saying that their labour can never go unrewarded.


Bishop Olley who led the women through series of prayers for the land, declared that when women pray in unity of hearts, God answers.


"If Iwere men cannot pray, the women will pray because when the land is peaceful, there will be prosperity and progress," She opined.


Tuesday, July 4, 2023




Major Tsola Ukwejunor Etchie (Rtd.)

The Oritseweyinmi Isaac Agbateyiniro-led Itsekiri National Youth Council(INYC) has joined the entire Itsekiri nation to mourn the sudden death of our  beloved patriot, Major Tsola Ukwejunor Etchie (Rtd.).

His death which came as a rude shock to members of INYC, has left a huge vacuum in Warri kingdom. Etchie was a dogged fighter, always championing the course of Itsekiri even in the most difficult times.

The INYC remembers his sacrifice on the frontline in defense of our nation and to Iwereland until his death.

Major Ukwejunor-Etchie who missed no opportunity to promote Itsekiri’s Cultural heritage, died in active service at his Sapele residence in Delta State.

Recall that Major Ukuejunor-Etchie’s father was a Minister in the Government of the Action Group led by Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who also fought for the survival of Itsekiri during his days on earth.

All Itsekiri youths are by this information invited to join the leadership of the INYC on a condolence visit to the Etchie’s on Sunday, July 9, 2023 at 2pm.

May the soul of Late Major Etchie (Rtd.) rest in the bosom of our Lord.



Comr. Appearance Afejuku,

General Secretary, INYC


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