Hon. Evang. Micheal Diden alias Ejele 

The present Political situation in Itsekiri Nation is where those who did not go to farm wants to collect every dividend of the farm. Nevertheless, I am very optimistic that Sheriff Oborevwori's government will favour Itsekiris. We should stay calm; the drama is just for a while 

*   Appeals to the Olu of Warri to re-instate Ayiri Emami as Ologbotsere of Warri Kingdom

* Urges Chief Eyewuoma to denounce his Ologbotsere title 

By: Tetsoma Neyin

In this interview with the PDP Senatorial Candidate in the just concluded 2023 general elections, who is also an Elder Statesman of PDP and a descendant of Iye royal house of Warri kingdom, Evang. Prince Micheal Diden popularly called Ejele, speaks extensively on the recent disrobement of Ayiri Emami as Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom by the Olu of Warri as well as the current political position of Itsekiris in Delta State.

On the recent issue as regard the disrobement of Ayiri Emami as Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom, what is your reaction. 

As a true and genuine Itsekiri man from Iye descendant, I have never seen anywhere from the day of my birth and before I was born of every history, I have read in Itsekiri land where the Ologbotsere while still alive has been dethroned or replaced by any Olu of Warri. We all remembered the issue between Ogiame Atuwatse II and Chief O.N. Rewane, the Ologbotsere at that time. That problem was stronger than the present situation of today. Yet, O.N. Rewane retained his position as the Ologbotsere until his death. That is how it should have been, not the other way round. In my eyes, Ayiri Emami is still the Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom. I want any Itsekiri man to prove me wrong so that I can know more of Itsekiri history.


The steps taken by Ayiri Emami against the throne, will you say it is the right decision, given the fact that he is a man of culture and tradition.   

In situations of war, every man needs to defend himself. So, I do not blame Ayiri for defending himself. According to Herbert Macaulay, a man that cannot defend himself is not fit to live.


As an Elder Stateman in Warri kingdom, what steps have you taken to ensure that there is peace and unity between Ayiri and the throne 

If God Almighty who created us can repent of His deeds and give us another chance, I think the Olu of Warri can do likewise. I have met with the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III and appealed to him to allow the sleeping dog lie by allowing Ayiri to retain his position as the Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom.


Given the fact that Warri kingdom now has a new Ologbotsere, Chief Oma Eyewuoma, what is your reaction.

You cannot call a usurper the owner of a property. So, I will advise him for the sake of Itsekiri Nation, to denounce that title. Two men cannot be Governor at the same time.

What can you say concerning the current dwindling political positioning of Itsekiris in Oborevwori's government, being a Chieftain of the ruling party, PDP.

The present political situation in Iwere nation is likened to a scenario where people who did not go to farm wants to collect every dividend of the farm.

Governor Sheriff has people who supported him from the beginning in Itsekiri land. Some sets came to join him after PDP primaries. Some came after his victory at the supreme court. And lastly, those who were begged to come and support the Governor. Now, those who were begged to support the Governor, those who came to support him after primaries and those who came to join him after his supreme court victory, now want to overthrow people that started with the Governor from the scratch, which is not possible.


What is the way forward. Is there still hope for Itsekiris in this present government.

I am very optimistic that Sheriff Obovrewori's government will favour Itsekiris. We should stay calm, the drama is just for a while.






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